The Diocesan Youth Movement (DYM) is a group of youth workers, young people and those involved with youth ministry who co-ordinate youth ministry initiatives in the Diocese of New Westminster.
The DYM leadership team meets monthly to plan upcoming events and keep each other up to date on what is happening in youth ministry around the Diocese and beyond. The current chair of the DYM leadership team is Lauren Pinkney, Youth Program Coordinator at St. Alban's in Burnaby.
DYM maintains a Facebook group for discussion of youth ministry and for keeping people up to date with what's happening at the moment. To connect with DYM, join the Facebook group.


The Diocesan Youth Movement in the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster affirms diversity of individuals and perspectives while fostering relationship with God and with each other. We seek to equip youth and youth leaders to seek challenge and growth through positive action within individuals, the Church and the wider world.


Diversity of individuals, theology and worship. All individuals and perspectives are welcomed within an environment of respect.
Relationship with God and between peers as well as with the larger Church are integral to our mission. We week to connect individuals, parishes and diocesan ministries.
Challenge & Growth are strongly linked within our ministry. By providing opportunities that challenge individuals, ministries and the wider church we seek to foster growth.
Equiping youth, youth leaders and the wider church with tools and experiences to further their journeys in faith and ministry.
Positive Action is a way in which we fultill our potential in faith, enact our core values and respond to changing needs within our ministry.
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Annual Retreats

Each year, the Diocesan Youth Movement hosts a retreat for young people in the diocese, often in partnership with our friends in ministry: Camp Artaban, Sorrento Centre and the British Columbia and Yukon Anglican Youth Movement

Click the links below to read reports and to watch video from the annual retreats for previous years:


2020: Know Thyself

2019: May the Force be with You

2018: Blessed are the Poor of Spirit

2017: A Wizard's Retreat

2016: Here and Now

2015: Keep Calm and Stay Cool

2014: Keep Calm and Love God

2013: Keep Calm and Wait

2012: The Saints Rise

2011: Apocalypse Wow!

2010: Destination Transformation

2009: Survivor Artaban

2008: Urban Pilgrimage