The 127 Society for Housing arose from a discernment process sponsored the Diocese of New Westminster which helped Hilda Gregory learn that she could further God’s mission by housing the poor.  With development assistance from the diocese in the early years, the founders of 127 foresaw the displacement of lower income residents by the development of the Downtown South neighbourhoods for Expo 86.  Thus The 127 Society for Housing was born in 1981, taking its name from the opening words of Psalm 127: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.”  

127 currently operates three apartment buildings in the Downtown South/ Yaletown neighourhoods and provides housing to about 350 souls in need. Many of these are elderly persons with limited incomes and health challenges.   

127 tries to provide more than just a room for its tenants. With assistance over the years from the Parish of Christ Church Cathedral, the diocese, and many Anglicans and others throughout the diocese, 127 has hired Community Workers to organize programs to provide a sense of community and to support tenants in accessing social and health services. 127 also provides food security and support for tenants “aging in place.”    

127 continues as an example of the ministry of the diocese and Christ Church Cathedral in the community. To learn more about The127 Society for Housing or to contribute to our work, please see the Society website at