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About Synod

The Bishop of New Westminster informed you through the Secretaries of Synod that, in accordance with Article 2 of the Constitution, he has summoned the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster to meet on Saturday, May 15 from 8:30am to 1:30pm. by videoconference. Synod will begin with Morning Prayer and the Bishop’s Address.

Please note that registering through this page is how you register to vote on Zoom.

You must complete your registration by 9am on May 10.

As of noon on Friday, May 14 we will be unable to register Alternate Delegates to replace Registered Delegates.

Please expect a test question from Data On The Spot (DOTS) on Monday, May 10. When you respond to the test question it will confirm your credentials and registration. DOTS will also be sending you your log-in access code for voting. PLEASE KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR LOG-IN ACCESS CODE.

Please contact if you have any questions.



Registration will take place online via the Zoom Registration process. The link for registration will be circulated via email, and can be found on the Diocesan Website and here:

Each Delegate to Synod is responsible for entering their Zoom credentials correctly on the registration page. An email confirming registration will be sent to each delegate. The email address and contact information that the delegate enters will be used by Data On the Spot (DOTS) to email the delegate’s voting credentials.  

Members of Synod will need to have continual access to their email for the entire Session of Synod. Email accounts will be used for both voting and requesting to speak. Please read under “speaking form the floor” for more details on this will work via video conference.  

Zoom registration will open at 9am on May 3 and will close Monday May 10 at 9am.

  If an Alternate Delegate will replace an initially elected parish Synod Delegate it will be necessary to contact the Synod Office at: and the Executive Archdeacon prior to the close of registration on May 14 at noon. Please ensure that the Alternate Delegate has been given access to the Convening Circular material in advance of the Synod meeting. This should be provided by their Parish Priest or other delegate.  When the full quota of delegates from a parish has registered, no substitutes for the parish may be made, even if some of those who have registered are unable to attend all Sessions of Synod.  


All delegates are urged to make every effort to be present at all times during all sessions of Synod beginning with Morning Prayer on Saturday, May 15, 2021, from 8:30am – 1:30pm.  

Speaking from the Floor

To address Synod, a delegate must email  and in the subject line put one of the following appropriate subject lines:     

  • Point of Order: Name, Clergy or Lay Status, Parish   
  • Amendment: Name, Clergy or Lay Status, Parish   
  • Speak from the Floor: Name, Clergy or Lay Status, Parish
  • Resolution: Name, Clergy or Lay Status, Parish

This email address will be checked by all Officers and Synod staff during Synod. You do not need to enter any text in the email. This will alert the Chair that you wish to speak and will naturally create a running order for those who are to speak. The Chair will invite you to speak, and at this point, your video will be shared in ‘speaker’ view through Zoom. Everyone will be able to see and hear you. Please note there is a 3-minute time limit to address the motion.  A Secretary of Synod will hold up a red piece of paper to indicate when you have 30 seconds left. At this point, you will complete your address and when the 30 seconds have elapsed you will be muted and your video will be removed from view for others. 


All Resolutions must be submitted by the mover and seconder, and given to Ms Jennifer Dezell, Chairperson of the Resolutions Committee via the Synod Office. The Resolutions Committee will review and determine whether or not the Resolution is in Order according to the Rules of Order of the Synod. 

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