In the list below the successful candidates in the elections are marked with an 'E' all others were elected by acclamation.


  • The Returning Officer, Vice-Chancellor, Kevin Smith, ODNW
  • Chair of the Nominations Committee, Suzanne Stockdill, ODNW

Diocesan Treasurer
Robert Hardy, ODNW

Clerical Secretary of Synod
The Reverend Justin Cheng

Lay Secretary of Synod
Belinda Kishimoto

Archdeaconry Representatives to Diocesan Council (Clergy and Lay)


The Reverend Philip Cochrane (Clergy)

Teofilo Bosaing (Lay)


The Reverend Patrick Blaney (Clergy)

Rob Dickson (Lay) - E


The Reverend Robin Ruder Celiz (Clergy)

Len Reimer (Lay)


The Reverend Alex Wilson (Clergy) - E

Willow Martin Seedhouse (Lay)


The Reverend David Taylor (Clergy) - E

Ann Turner (Lay)


The Reverend James Duckett (Clergy)

Warren Ballard (Lay)

Youth Representatives to Diocesan Council (two to be elected)

Zachary Groves


Dean and Archdeacons Representatives to Diocesan Council (Elected by email poll)

The Very Reverend Chris Pappas

The Venerable Stephanie Shepard

Court of the Diocese 

Clergy Members of the Court of the Diocese

The Reverend Lindsay Hills

The Reverend David Price

The Reverend Elizabeth Ruder Celiz

Lay Members of the Court of the Diocese

Phil Colvin - E

Margaret Briscall - E

Janet McIntosh -E

The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments

Clergy Members

The Reverend Helen Dunn - E

The Reverend Stephen Rowe - E

The Reverend Ruth Monette - E

Lay Members 

Brenda Coburn - E

Charlotte French - E

Hope Sealy - E

Anglican Initiatives Fund

Clerical Administrator 

The Reverend Christine Rowe - E

The Venerable Luisito Engnan - E

Lay Administrator 

Jane Osler

Gerald Parrott

General Synod

Clergy (Three to be elected)

The Reverend Marnie Peterson - E

The Reverend Laurel Dahill  - E

The Venerable Luisito Engnan - E

The Reverend Philip Cochrane (First Alternate Delegate)

The Reverend Miranda Sutherland (Second Alternate Delegate)

The Reverend Robin Ruder Celiz (Third Alternate Delegate)


Lauren Pinkney

Jane Hope

Danilla Severin


Clare Urquhart

Provincial Synod

Clergy (Two to be elected)

The Reverend Andrew Halladay  - E

The Venerable Stephanie Shepard  - E

Lay (Three to be elected)

Irene Pang

Jane Hope

Rob Dickson


Levi Saunders