Mrs. Evelyn (Ev) Baker - St. Christopher
Ev has been deeply engaged in all aspects of life at her home parish of St. Christopher’s. In particular she has coordinated St. Christopher’s Outreach Ministries for 15 years. She is passionate about Camp Artaban and the Guiding movement.

Mrs. Dorothy Madeline Barnes - St. Paul

Dorothy has been a pillar of the community at St. Paul’s for many years. Her service to the church is extensive, serving on both parish committees and the diocesan Ministry Resources Committee.

Mrs. Alice Clarke - St. Michael, Surrey

Alice chose to become an Anglican at the age of 13. Since then she has served in parishes in Saskatchewan and BC. Alice has served in almost every area of parish life with a particular passion for the ACW (both in the parish and within the diocese).

Mrs. Clara (Winnie) Winnifred Corby - Church of the Epiphany

Winnie has been active in the Anglican Church since arriving in North Vancouver in 1971. Over the past 41 years she has served at St. Clements and the Church of the Epiphany in Surrey. She prays that her story will be a witness in some way to others as she accepts this award.

Mrs. Norrie De Valencia - St. David, Delta

With the love and support of her husband and two sons, Norrie has been a very active and critical part of the diocesan ministry with refugees since 1988. Because of her commitment to this ministry our diocese has been ‘welcoming the stranger’ through action as well as words.

Mr. Fred Fairey - St. Alban, Richmond
Fred is a lifelong Anglican who has been very active in parish life in an outstanding manner in many distinctive ways. Fred is committed to a life of stewardship and has truly contributed to God’s mission in Richmond.

Ms. Marilyn Fane - St. Thomas, Chilliwack (deceased)
Marilyn has been a very active member of the diocese and St. Thomas, Chilliwack, expressing her passion for education and liturgy. She has also been active at Camp Artaban, and is a Founding Member of The Sorrento Centre. DECEASED January 23, 2013

Ms. Elizabeth Ferguson - St. Monica

Elizabeth has been a part of St. Monica’s for 35 years. Fellow parishioners describe her as a humble servant, an absolute joy to work with, and her gentle spirit and generous dedication have played a hugely significant role in the life of St. Monica’s Church.

Mrs. Ruth Fisher - St. Christopher

Ruth is one of the founding members of St. Christopher’s and has been part of that parish’s ministry, particularly among children and families, for 70 years. For 30 years she coordinated fellowship gatherings and currently organizes monthly soup and cheese lunches and quarterly dinners.

Mrs. Patricia Fleming - All Saints, Mission

Patricia Fleming is a life-long Anglican who has been an active member of All Saints since her teen years. She has been an Altar Guild and ACW member for many years. Her various ministries have included assisting with Care Home services, baking and Operation Christmas Child.

Mr. Donald Bruce Forbes - St. John the Baptist, Sardis
Don has been attending St. John’s since 1982, and during this time he has offered his gifts to the parish in many ways. In the past 30 years Don has been a quiet, effective and steadfast leader of St. John’s in Sardis.

Mr. Joseph (Joe) John Golat - St. George, Fort Langley (Deceased 2018)

Joe has been and continues to be a pillar of the community at St. George, Fort Langley. It’s difficult to find a parish project or event that he hasn’t been involved with. Joe quietly and effectively lives out his faith and his commitment to the parish in many, wonderful ways.

Mr. Philip Norman Green - St. James (Deceased, June 3, 2021)

Philip has been quietly serving St. James for almost 40 years as a Server, M.C. and Envelope Secretary (amongst other roles). Philip has heard the call and his answer has always been “Here am I — send me!” the response of a true servant of God.

Ms. Hilda Gregory - Christ Church Cathedral (deceased)

Hilda Gregory personifies Christian faith in action. Most notable among Hilda’s many contributions
to the Diocese is the establishment of the 127 Society for Housing in 1981. She has been and continues to be a very active member of the parish of Christ Church Cathedral. Deaceased November 16th, 2014

Mr. John Lyndon Grove - St. Margaret of Scotland (deceased August 20, 2020)

Lyndon has served St. Margaret of Scotland, Christ the King and the former St. Andrew’s in Burnaby and he is the writer of “Pacific Pilgrims” the diocesan centennial history, published in 1979. Lyndon has served on both diocesan and parish committees and he continues to be a true blessing to our church.

Ms. Nora Emilie Haaland - St. Agnes, North Vancouver

Nora attended her first church meeting when she was six weeks old. Since that time her commitment to God’s church has been amazing. Her family became used to asking Nora, “Are those Church cookies (muffins, cupcakes, scones)?” and the inevitable reply, “I made extra for you.”
It is particularly special that Nora and her sister Ruth Fisher are both being awarded with the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster on the same day.

Mr. Ken Hanney - St. Clement

Ken has served St. Clement’s in many ways over the years. He has done pretty much everything asked of him and more. Ken is a person of deep faith, commitment, and quiet good humour who has served our church willingly and capably for many years.

Mrs. Janet Hill - St. Margaret, Cedar Cottage

Jan has been a dedicated and extremely active contributor to the ministry of the parish since 1999. She recognizes the importance of beauty in sacred space and is a major contributor in making St. Margaret’s a welcoming place for all those who come through the doors.

Mrs. Jeanne Hope - All Saints, Agassiz

Jeanne has been a faithful servant of the church since 1945, and in her 92 years she has been active in several parishes in the Fraser Valley. She has served at All Saints, Agassiz since 1962, and her consistent dedication has brought hope to the parish, especially during difficult times in its history.

Mrs. Irene Joy - St. Alban, Burnaby

Irene is as her last name suggests — full of Joy — and over the past thirty-seven years she has shared that joy and enthusiasm with the parish and the diocese. She is a good and faithful servant whose Christian life and work brings honour and Glory to God and the Church.

Mr. Shigeru Stephen Kuwabara - Holy Cross Japanese Canadian

Shigeru has been a member of Holy Cross since 1953. Over the years he has served the parish in many ways, including, Warden and Lay Delegate to Synod. Shigeru was instrumental in the successful negotiations that brought about the property transfer of St. Peter’s, Vancouver, to Holy Cross in 1989.

Mr. Donald (Don) Lamb - St. Philip 
(Deceased July 18, 2018)
Don has brought his dedication, compassion and deep sense of caring to St. Philip’s and the community. He helped to create a project that provides housing, care and support for fifteen former homeless people. He truly lives out Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Ms. Cynthia Llewellyn - Christ Church Cathedral
(Deceased December 4, 2016)
Cynthia Llewellyn has been an active and beloved member of Christ Church Cathedral parish for 77 years. She has put her deep commitment to social justice into action through many parish, diocesan and national church projects. In 2001, Cynthia received the Anglican Award of Merit.

Mrs. Betty Marie MacDonald - Holy Trinity Cathedral

Betty joined Holy Trinity Cathedral in 1979, and has been active in the parish ever since. Together with her husband, Bruce, she has looked after the finances of Holy Trinity Cathedral for over seventeen years. Betty has also been a major contributor to the life and community of Camp Artaban.

Ms. Mary Isobel McDougall - Holy Trinity, White Rock
When thinking of ‘hidden angels’ at Holy Trinity Church, the name that comes instantly to mind is Mary McDougall. For many years Mary has been a staunch brick in the foundation of Holy Trinity’s pastoral care outreach and a steadfast part of the community life and ministry.

Mr. John A. Milroy
(Deceased January 31, 2021)
St. Mary, Kerrisdale - John has been a member of St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale, since his baptism in 1927. For over 40 years of continuous service he has served the parish in a variety of leadership roles. John also served as Treasurer of Provincial Synod and was a long-standing member of the Diocesan Administration and Finance Committee.

Mr. Ronald (Ron) Charles Minshall - St. Laurence

Ron has been a faithful and dedicated member of St. Laurence since 1963. Over the years he has generously shared his gifts as a musician and a leader with the parish and the diocese.

Mr. Glen Richard Olsen - St. Anne, Steveston

Glen has served in several parishes in the diocese since 1974, including St. George, Fort Langley, St. Alban, Richmond, St. Columba, Pitt Meadows, St. Andrew, Pender Harbour, All Saints, Mission, and St. Anselm’s. Since 2000 Glen has been faithfully living out his Christian ministry at St. Anne’s in Steveston.

Mrs. Bonnie Baldrun Paetkau - St. Hilda, Sechelt

Bonnie Paetkau has generously shared her many talents with St. Hilda’s and the diocese for almost fifty years. In that time, she has dedicated considerable time and energy to growing the parish, nurturing its parishioners and serving our church. God’s church has been truly blessed by Bonnie’s ministry.

Mrs. Lesley Philbrick - St. John, North Vancouver

Lesley joined St. John’s in 1995 when she first arrived in Vancouver from England. Until 2010 she worked full time as a nurse while being a very active member of St. John’s. She served on many committees and participated in any activity the church was involved in.
Lesley died earlier this year and her husband Gerald Philbrick will accept the award.

Mrs. Vicki Boyle Potter - St. Helen, Vancouver

Vicki Potter has been a very active member of St. Helen’s since 1995. In addition to serving in various leadership roles she has been key in the creation of Neighbourhood Ministries and the successful housing of former homeless people on Vancouver’s Westside.

Mrs. Florence (Peggy) Quick - St. Barnabas
(Deceased October 15, 2020)
For over 52 years Peggy has been a very active and engaged member of the community at St. Barnabas. During this time she has served in various leadership roles. She is still a hospital visitor, a ministry she has been active in since 1966.

Mr. John Reader - St. Mark, Ocean Park

John joined St. Mark’s, Ocean Park in 1983, and since then he has served the church in many ways, providing leadership and service to the parish and the community. In 1999, John started the Journey of Christmas program and served as chair of this committee for ten years.

Mr. David R. L. Rolfe - St. Stephen, West Vancouver
David has been a faithful servant of the diocese, St. Philip’s, Dunbar, and St. Stephen’s, West Vancouver, since the 1940s. Over the years he has provided wise counsel and leadership to his parishes as well as to the Bishop and the diocese.

Mr. Steven Paul Schuh - St. John, Shaughnessy

Steve has been a loyal and dedicated member of our church despite not being allowed to serve in a leadership capacity in his home parish until recently. He has been a faithful Anglican and advocate for Gay and Lesbian voices in our church, locally, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Don Scott - All Saints, Burnaby
Don has consistently served All Saints, Burnaby in a variety of ways for over 54 years. During this time he has also served and known four Bishops well — Archbishops Gower, Somerville, Hambidge and Bishop Ingham. Don has also been an active member of the Order of St. Luke.

Mrs. Margaret Spires - St. Edward
Margaret has served the parish of St. Edward’s in many different ways since she joined in 1953. She was a delegate to Synod in the first year that women were allowed to be members of Synod. Over the years Margaret has generously shared her gifts with the church and the community.

Mrs. Doreen Stephens - St. Augustine

Doreen has been an active member of St. Augustine since she was a teenager. She was the first woman  to be appointed as a Warden in her parish. Over time she has held many leadership positions both in the parish and in the diocese and has generously given of her time and talents.

Mr. James Richard Stinson - St. Helen, Surrey

Richard and his wife have been active at St. Helen’s since commencing attendance at the parish in 1974. Over the years Richard has served the parish in a wide variety of roles and has been a consistent source of compassionate and wise leadership for the people and clergy of St. Helen’s, Surrey.

Mr. Brian Strehler - St. James

Brian has been an active member of St. David’s, Delta and St. James in Vancouver. He has served as a member of the St. David’s Abbeyfield Society, Diocesan Council, the Ministry and Congregational Development Committee and the Diocesan Architecture and Plans Committee.

Mrs. Margaret Strother - St. David, Delta

Margaret has been an active member of St. David, Delta, and their Altar Guild, since 1974. A gifted seamstress and embroiderer she has made altar linens for St. David’s and other parishes in the diocese. She is also a long time and dedicated member of the ACW.

Mr. Philip William Sunderland - St. Catherine, North Vancouver

In 1979, Philip and his wife began their involvement with Marriage Preparation on the North Shore. Philip is passionate about spiritual formation for adults and youth. He is currently People’s Warden at St. Catherine’s and an active member of the North Vancouver Regional Council.

Ms. Mildred Symonds - St. Thomas, Vancouver

Mildred was an active and dedicated member of St. John the Divine in Burnaby from 1959 until the parish closed in 2009. She has been an active member of the ACW and has given freely of her time and talents. Currently she is a member of St. Thomas, Vancouver.

Mrs. Pamela Hellstrom Sywulych - St. Faith
Pam Sywulych is a vital part of the fabric of St. Faith, Vancouver. She supports Stepping Stone Preschool at St. Faith and is also committed to supporting athletes with an intellectual disability through Special Olympics. Over the years Pam has added greatly to the character and ethos of the parish life at St. Faith’s.

Mrs. Billie Wellwood - St. Laurence
Billie Wellwood has been a long time and dedicated member of St. Laurence and an active participant in Diocesan life. She has served in many ways and in many roles. Billie gives her ministry to the Bishop, the Diocese and her parish with love, compassion and a generous heart.

Mr. John Edward Wilson - St. Paul (Deceased June 2020)
John Wilson has served St. Paul’s in a wide variety of ways over many years. His gifts include being the parish’s ‘unofficial’ historian. John presses ever-on helping in his way to continue to make St. Paul’s the great parish that it is.

Mrs. Catherine Lani Windsor - St. Francis-in-the-Wood

Cathy Windsor has been a major contributor to the life of St. Francis-in-the-Wood since she joined the parish in 1972. Over the years she has held many leadership positions and has offered her skills and gifts to the parish generously.

Mr. John Robert Windsor - St. Francis-in-the-Wood

John Windsor has been a leader at St. Francis-in-the-Wood for over forty years, making exemplary achievements. Throughout it all, John’s focus has been that he was working for God, and the betterment of his parish family.

Mr. Dennis Yonge - St. Thomas, Vancouver
(deceased August 1, 2019)
Dennis’s list of gifts to the parish is extensive. He has been a member of Parish Council since 1975, and during that time has held every position on the council. Dennis is generous with his time, his wisdom and his skills and is always willing to offer help to any parishioner in need.