Mrs. Rea Anderson - St. Mark, Ocean Park

Rea has served in many leadership positions in her parish of St. Mark’s, Ocean Park. This has included several terms as Treasurer, Warden and Synod Delegate. She also provides vacation relief for the Parish Administrator.

Ms. Margaret (Peg) Adele Cleveland Andrews, - St. John, Shaughnessy (Deceased November 6 2020)

Peg has been a member of St. John’s, Shaughnessy since the early 1960s. She took a quiet and firm stance against the St. John’s Vancouver movement. Today, as the longest serving member of the parish, we honour her and her faithful 51 years of service to St. John’s.

Mr. Kerry Wade Baisley, - Christ Church Cathedral

Over many years Kerry has been active in youth and Christian formation and with several Discernment Groups, guiding students in the Diocese along the path to ordination. He has been a server at Christ Church Cathedral since the 1970s and has served as Bishop’s Chaplain to the past three Bishops of New Westminster.

Mrs. Phyllis Barlow - Christ Church Cathedral

Phyllis is a lifelong committed Anglican and her service has taken in nearly every aspect of church life. Phyllis is also active outside the Cathedral as an executive member of the Friends of VST and has served many years as the Recording Secretary for the VST Auxiliary.

Mrs. Ann Bodwell - St. John, North Vancouver

From Ann’s arrival in Canada in 1960 she has been active in all aspects of parish life. In addition to her commitment to the parish she has been a dedicated supporter of VST. She is recognized as a dedicated and stalwart leader at St. John’s.

Mr. Bruce Bodwell - St. John, North Vancouver

Bruce’s dependable practice of faithfulness, stewardship, hospitality and caring has shown great leadership and encouragement to parishioners of all ages, for many decades. He has offered particularly strong and vital leadership in his role as Parish Treasurer in times of crisis.

Mrs. Hilary Carpenter - St. Francis-in-the-Wood

Hilary’s contributions to the life of St. Francis have been numerous. Parish life has been enhanced in many ways by her contributions over the last 40 years. Her practical volunteer ministry to St. Francis-in-the-Wood church and its parish can be considered outstanding in both its extent and length of time.

Ms. Katherine Anne Cotton - St. Faith

Since joining St. Faith’s in 1976 Katherine has been an innovative and energetic leader in many dimensions of the parish’s ministry. She has served many terms as a member of the Church Committee and is presently serving another term as People’s Warden.

Mrs Elizabeth (Liz) Cullen - St. Mary, Kerrisdale

Liz has made a tremendous contribution to the life of the Diocese and St Mary’s. She has been instrumental in the development of the St. Mary’s Community Meal and in the restructuring of the Bishop’s Friends. Liz is passionate about stewardship as a life-long, year-round response of faith to all we have received from God.

Mrs. Mildred (Millie) G. Dempster - St. Anselm

Millie had been a member of the parish of St. Anselm’s since 1955. She remains, to this day, a member of the Parish Council. She is still knitting toques for the Seafarers Mission and church sales in her spare time.

Mr. Richard Alan Diespecker - St. Hilda

Since arriving in Halfmoon Bay over twenty years ago, Richard has been an active member of the community at St. Hilda’s. He has held many leadership positions and has had a strong commitment to Christian Formation.

Ms. Celia Mary Dodds - St. James

Celia has been, and continues to be, a vital and active part of St. James ever since she joined the parish 50 years ago. Over the years Celia has been a passionate member of the Mother’s Union and has served that organization in all levels from the parish to the National and International levels.

Mr. Charles Etchell - St. Philip’s

Charlie has always keenly supported the life of St. Philip’s, generously offering his talents and time over many years. He has also been actively involved at Camp Artaban where he met his wife Peggy.

Mrs. Adeline (Addie) Favelle - St. John, Port Moody

Addie has had a long term involvement with the ACW. She was instrumental in establishing and operating St. John’s Family Food Bank in the early 1990s, which continues to serve Port Moody and beyond.

Mrs. Shirley Grace Fox - St. Matthias and St. Luke

Shirley has been an active Anglican in this diocese since 1936. Over the years she has served our church in many, many ways. Shirley has shared her talent and love for church needlework and has provided diocesan leadership in the development of this art form.

Mrs. Gail Gatehouse - St. Christopher

Gail has been active in the church for most of her life, serving whereever she has lived, be that Montreal or the North Shore. Gail has used her interior design expertise to help her parish community as well as local outreach organizations. Gail inspires St. Christopher’s to rise to its best as a place of welcome and inclusion.

Ms. Judith (Judy) Lynne Graves - St. James

Judy came to know Christ working in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and has advocated for the homeless continuously since 1993. Her life’s goal is that Christ will no longer have to sleep in the streets of our city: that everyone in Vancouver will have a small home, access to clean water and nourishing food.

Mr. Jack Griffiths - St. Clement

Jack has been active at his parish of St. Clements’ since 1969. In addition to serving in various leadership roles in the parish, he has been active in the maintenance and operation of the parish buildings. There are very few light bulbs in the building that he has not replaced!

Mr. Conrad Beardwell Guelke - St. Philip

Conrad has been a gift to the Anglican Church in South Africa, England and Canada. He has given generously of his time and many skills to serve at both the parish and the diocesan level. In 2007 his contributions were recognized by the Vancouver School of Theology when they gave him an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity.

Mrs. Marjorie (Marg) Henry - St. Thomas, Vancouver

Marjorie and her family joined St. Thomas in 1965 and she has been an active member of the parish ever since. In addition to serving in several leadership roles in the parish, Marg has been a very active member of the ACW – both in the parish and on the Diocesan ACW Board.

Mrs. Marguerite Joan Hobson - St. Stephen, Burnaby

Joan has been a vital and busy part of life at St. Stephen’s for over 40 years. She has worked to support the hospitality and outreach of the community, especially through the parish’s Thrift Shop.

Mrs. Joan Audrey Hodgkin - St. Stephen, Burnaby (Deceased, November 23, 2019)

Joan has attended several parishes over her lifetime as she and her husband moved around a lot during their early years together. Since settling at St. Stephen’s she has become a key part of parish life, working to build up the community in a wide variety of roles.

Mr. Ian Edward Hutchinson - St. Thomas, Chilliwack

Ian first served on the Parish Council of St. Thomas’ in 1975. Since then he has remained a committed and very active part of the community, generously giving of his time and talents.

Mr. Graham Lawrence Jenkins - St. Helen, Vancouver

Over the years Graham has served in many, many different rolls in the parish. A gifted and highly experienced leader, Graham is loved and recognized by all at St. Helen’s as a true elder.

Mr. Peter Nigel William Johnson - Holy Trinity, White Rock (Deceased January 21,2018)

Peter came to Holy Trinity in 1996 and immediately became active in the parish. He employs a gentle and caring yet determined approach in all his ministries, and he exemplifies servant-leadership and serves as an inspiration to his fellow Christians.

Mr. Robert (Bob) Jones - St. Alban, Richmond (Deceased November 22, 2017)

Bob is a lifetime Anglican and has served his parishes and the larger community with enthusiasm and deep commitment. This past Spring Bob celebrated his 130th blood donation at the Canadian Blood Services clinic at St. Alban’s in Richmond.

Mr. Michael Peter Kalmuk - St. Margaret's Cedar Cottage

Michael has been a stalwart of the community at St. Margaret’s for several years. His leadership, especially in music, is deeply valued. In 2003 Michael and his partner Kelly were the first same-sex partners to receive a sanctioned Blessing Ceremony in the Anglican Church.

Mrs. Carole Nancy Keighley - St. Matthew, Abbotsford

A life-long Anglican, Carol has been very involved in the re-planting of Diocesan worship at the Parish of St. Matthew, Abbotsford. She has held the position of Bishop’s Warden since May 2008.

Mr. Gregory (Greg) Martin Kennelly - All Saints, Burnaby

Greg has been a member of All Saints, Burnaby, since 1993. Over the years he has served the parish in many leadership roles. His diocesan service has included terms on Diocesan Council and on the Board of the Camp Artaban Society.

Mrs. Anne Hathaway MacLean - St. Michael, Surrey

Anne has served the community at St. Michael’s through the ACW, the Sunday School and the Altar Guild, to name just a few of her roles. Anne and her late husband are responsible for finding the wonderful bell which now hangs in the bell tower at St. Michael’s.

Mr. Robert (Bob) MacMillan - Church of the Holy Spirit

Bob has attended various Anglican parishes over the past 40 years as he and his wife moved around the Lower Mainland. Currently, he serves the Church of the Holy Spirit as Bishop’s Warden and is an important leader in this community.

Ms. Kumiko Mizumoto - Holy Cross Japanese Canadian Church

Kumiko has been an active member of Holy Cross since she arrived in Canada in 1967. Every Sunday she prepares the Altar flowers and a light lunch for the parish. Kumiko is happy to help in any way the parish needs.

Mrs. Janet Morris - St. Catherine, North Vancouver

At St. Catherine’s, Janet has been a very strong supporter of the parish and the diocese. She was the author of a book on the history of St. Catherine’s, “Journey of a Family,” and is passionate about finding a just peace for Israel and Palestine.

Mr. James (Jim) Edward Murray - St. Anne, Steveston

A life-long Anglican, Jim has always given generously of his time and talents. As a young man he was the DJ for the local parish dances for teenagers. At St. Anne’s he has used this skill to “spin CDs” for the music at Sunday services. St. Anne’s feels greatly blessed by Jim’s ministry over the years.

Dr. Charles Richmond Nurse - St. George, Fort Langley

Charles is a life-long Anglican who has served at all levels of the Canadian Church. There were a couple of years when he was a member of committees in his parish, the diocese, the province and the national church all at the same time. He has been a faithful source of thoughtful leadership and wise counsel to our church.

Mr. Keith Anthony (Tony) Pellett - St. Margaret of Scotland

Tony has been an active Anglican for most of his life. He is currently a member of St. Margaret and has served in parishes in this diocese as well as in Kootenay. In addition to providing leadership locally, he has also served our church provincially.

Mrs. Sheila Puls - St. George, Fort Langley

Sheila has been an important part of the community at St. George’s for twenty years. She has also been very active in the ACW, both in the parish and in the diocese. Sheila is currently serving her third year as President of the Diocesan ACW.

Mr. Michael Roberts - St. Thomas, Vancouver

Mike has been active in the church for most of his life. He was a critical part of the successful move and transition of the former parishioners of St. John, Burnaby to their new community at St. Thomas, Vancouver. Mike is known as someone who will step in to help with a smile and with good humour.

Mr. Robert (Bob) Andrew Rusch - St. Stephen, Burnaby

Bob has been active at St. Laurence and at his current parish, St. Stephen’s in Burnaby. Over the years he has held several leadership positions and is a much valued member of the parish community.

Mrs. Joan Alma Sanderson - St. Laurence

Joan’s ministry at St. Laurence has been extensive. She has worked in many different aspects of community life and is known to always be quick to offer assistance wherever needed. Her big smile and warm welcome has been a gift to many newcomers to the parish.

Mr. Charles (Andy) Andrew Schreck - All Saints, Burnaby

With the exception of the years between 1963 and 1970, Andy has been an active member at All Saints, Burnaby since 1954. During that time, he has been an important part of the music ministry and the care of the buildings and grounds.

Mrs. Sarah Sergius - St. Helen, Surrey

Sarah is an example of someone constantly walking her faith with grace and love. Her work is often informal and frequently unsung. She has a gift for turning strangers into family between the opening hymn and the Eucharist.

Mr. Norman (Norm) Laurence Sharkey - St. Paul Parish

Norm has made it his life’s work to retrieve the addicted and the homeless from the streets of the city. Through the “Our House” program, which he started and still runs, he offers a place of recovery, acceptance, community and love of God for those who struggle to be free of addictions.

Mrs. Margery Violent Skerry - All Saints, Mission

Margery has been involved in the life of the Anglican Church since her arrival in Canada as a war bride. She has been very active in many parish ministries over the years. Now in “retirement,” she continues to make pies for the Outreach Program and volunteering in the church office.

Ms. Nancy Southam - St. John, Shaughnessy

Nancy Southam has been a long time member of St. John's Shaughnessy. She currently serves on Diocesan Council, the Administration and Finance Committee, the Communications Committee, and she is also the Chair of the Grants & Loans Committee. This Order is given, in part, in recognition of the extraordinary generosity of the Southam and MacMillan families, including the magnificent Tree of Life Window installed in 2009 in Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver.

Dr. Paul Grant Stanwood - St. James

Paul has been a parishioner at St. James since 1965, when he arrived in Vancouver. With his intellect, his sacramental theology, his deep faith, and his humility, Paul has made a significant contribution to the life of St. James and the Diocese over many, many years.

Ms. Margaret Kathleen Warwick - St. Catherine, Port Coquitlam

Margaret is a vital part of the parish of St. Catherine’s and its community. In 2002, Margaret started the St. Catherine’s soup kitchen program. In addition to being in the ACW, she is also involved in Messy Church, the Port Coquitlam May Day parade and the Relay for Life.

Mr. Douglas Harry Williams - Church of the Epiphany

Over the past 40 years, Doug has been involved in almost all aspects of parish life at Epiphany. This has included six terms as Warden and chairing the Honouring our Commitment Committee (just to name two). He has recently taken on the Chair of the Building Committee and the Capital Campaign.