Citations as Read by the Warden of the Order, Robert Watt, ODNW  

The following are the Citations for the 56 new members that were invested into The Order of the Diocese of New Westminster, November 5, 2016, 10: 30 am at the Massey Theatre in North Vancouver. For continuity purposes the style and formatting have been retained. Many thanks to Bill Siksay, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop’s and Executive Archdeacon’s Office for his editing of the nomination statements, and also for his diligence and keen attention to detail. The list published here is the order in which the nominees received their medallion and ribbon from the Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry where their parishes are situated. The dean of the diocese bestowed the medallions and ribbons on the Bishop’s Nominees.

Below you will find all of the individual photos that were taken while the new members were receiving congratulations from Bishop Skelton. Editor    

Capilano Archdeaconry The Venerable Lynne McNaughton, Archdeacon  

Mrs Laurelle Ellene Findler, St Hilda, Sechelt (Deceased January 28, 2018)

Laurelle transferred her energies from St Stephen, Burnaby to St Hilda, Sechelt in 1988. Jumping into parish life as Secretary of the Church Committee and the ACW and then as People’s Warden in 1992. She deftly guided the parish through many upheavals including two new priests. As President of the ACW for nine years she oversaw innumerable fundraisers and projects. Her “swan song” was financing a new kitchen which is now available for community meals. Her latest project is figuring out her new iPad.  

Mr Bertram John Alan Finnie, St Stephen, West Vancouver

Alan grew up in St Stephen, West Vancouver and returned there when he retired in the 1990s. He has been a “jack of all trades” since then, serving on Parish Council, Finance, Stewardship and Outreach Committees, and as a Trustee, Head Sidesperson, Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee, and fundraising organizer, to name just a few of his ministries. Alan has used his expertise in insurance to help both the parish and the Diocese review their insurance policies.  

Ms Sara Hanney, St Clement, Lynn Valley

Sara’s ministry at St Clement, Lynn Valley has included the Sunday School, Parish Council, being a Warden, and leadership in worship and through music. She has provided a calm, affirming presence during turbulent times of transition. Unassuming in the way she offers leadership, Sara celebrates the gifts and ministry of others. She knows when to step up and when to step back. Her strong commitment to the well-being of the community includes respecting diversity and a deep incarnational faith. Grace shines through her.  

Mrs Linda Joan Harrison, St John the Evangelist, North Vancouver

Linda is a cradle Anglican. She has been a more than capable leader and champion of the parish of St John the Evangelist since 1998. St John’s and the deanery have been blessed by her dedication and spirit as she served as Warden for several terms, participated in two canonical processes, revitalized the Hospitality and Fellowship Group, organized church refugee sponsorship programmes, created outreach programmes to the neighbourhood, hosted international choirs, participated in Caring Ministry and much more.  

Mr James Joseph Hylands, St Christopher, West Vancouver A parishioner of St Christopher, West Vancouver since 1986, Jim has greeted people at the door with a friendly smile. While in Tanzania from 1994 to 1999, Jim connected the parish to local missions for lepers and street children orphaned by parents who died of AIDS. St Christopher’s appreciates Jim’s amazing “do it yourself” skills, from laying plaques in the memorial garden to laying a new floor in the church basement. The rector appreciates Jim’s ability to find just the right time to send the perfect humorous email!  (Died November 29, 2021)

Mrs Mary Anne Koning, St Catherine, Capilano

Molly has been a faithful parishioner at St Catherine, Capilano since the early 1960s. She has steadfastly held the position of President of the Altar Guild for approximately ten years. In her quiet, unassuming manner, Molly has led by example with her strong dedication to perfection as she devoutly prepares the worship space. She has also served as Eucharistic minister, greeter, receptionist, and Sunday School teacher over the years. Molly’s lovely Scottish sense of humour, caring nature, and warm smile have endeared her to the parish.  

Ms Marguerite Irene McMillan, St Agnes, North Vancouver

Peggy is a dedicated member of St Agnes, North Vancouver. For over 60 years Peggy has graced the community as a member of the choir, envelope secretary, prayer team member, and Curillista. She has made innumerable hand-crafted items to sell at the Christmas Fair, and her seasonal packages of homemade baking have been appreciated by many local shut-ins for years. Peggy has volunteered at a nursery for impoverished children in Jamaica, and helped build a church in Guatemala.  

Ms Heather Elizabeth Winifred Rhodes, St Martin, North Vancouver Heather’s 56 years’ service includes 27 years with St Martin’s Sunday School, and 10 more in other parishes. Her volunteerism includes weekly help in the office for 27 years, driving for North Shore Seniors’ Hub, phoning vulnerable “Telefriends” parishioners daily since 1985, and coordinating hospital chapel volunteers weekly since 1984. Heather humbly and accurately provides a longstanding and much-appreciated ‘extra set of observant eyes, willing hands and compassionate ears’ as well as ‘institutional memory’ of St Martin’s individuals and events.  

Burrard Archdeaconry The Venerable Philippa Segrave-Pride  

Mrs Jennifer Howard Birtwell, Christ Church Cathedral

Born and growing up in the shadow of York Minster, Jenny is truly a cradle Anglican. Jenny has been active in the ministry life of Christ Church Cathedral for over 40 years. Her early ministry was with the Church School and educational events. Jenny was active in leadership roles as chair of Parish Council, People’s Warden, Rector’s Warden, and co-chair of Legacy Stewardship. Jenny is a leader in worship and pastoral care, as an intercessor, reader, and in offering Healing Prayer and Healing Touch ministry.

Mrs Betty Carlson, St James, Vancouver

Betty’s first visit to St James, Vancouver was on a date on Easter Sunday 1975. So began a wonderful relationship! Betty and Carl were married at St James in 1980. They served together as narthex members, coffee hour hosts, counters, and stage directors of the Christmas pageant.  Betty is still a counter, in the Sanctuary and Women’s Guilds, and on the Renovations Committee. She has served as Trustee, and two terms as Warden. Betty’s dedication and attention to detail is appreciated by the parish.  

Ms Brigette Castro, St Michael’s Multicultural, Vancouver

For over 16 years, Brigette has served in essential roles during the miracle resurrection of St Michael’s, Vancouver, including 16 years with the Meal Ministry, ten years on Church Council and the Rental Committee, seven on the Canonical and Stewardship Committees, four on Seafarer’s and three on Strategic Planning. The Meal Ministry is St Michael’s primary mission, and Brigette has led all the way--the Feeding of the Five Thousand Programme (literally 5000!) should have Brigette’s name in front of it.  

Mrs Joy Stuart, St Thomas, Vancouver

Joy has, for eighty years in four parishes, carried out each of her many ministries confidently, with commitment and without fuss or fanfare. From her ministry to feed the lonely and those will little income in Kitsilano, to her current passion, ending social isolation, Joy has brought Christ’s love to her community. While the people of St Thomas, Vancouver know that Joy doesn’t want thanks, they want to thank her for all her contributions to life in the church and community.  

Ms Gail Anita Kiyomi Tamagi, Holy Cross Japanese Canadian, Vancouver

Gail has been a faithful fourth generation (Yonsei/Sansei) member of Holy Cross all her life. In her early teens she began helping her mother with Sunday School, eventually taking over the leadership. She still volunteers for special occasions. Gail has continued her ministry as a Lay Eucharistic Assistant, Church Committee Secretary, and Alternate Delegate to Synod. She is an active, dependable participant in all aspects of parish life, and her quiet dedication is valued and respected.  

Mr John Hugh Wood, St Paul, Vancouver

For twenty years, Jack has served with humbleness and steadiness. His dedication to keeping the books in good order, clear communication to the Church Committee, and written expressions of gratitude to all donors has made a lasting impact on the health and morale of the congregation. His friendliness to newcomers and commitment to clear and thoughtful reading of the Scriptures have also enriched the community’s life. Jack is someone you go to for sage advice with a good dose of humour.   

Fraser Archdeaconry The Venerable Stephen Rowe  

Ms Priscilla Archer, Holy Trinity, White Rock

Priscilla has served Holy Trinity, White Rock in numerous “official” ministries over the years including: Warden, Synod Delegate, Fundraiser, member of the Altar Guild, and in Pastoral Care. She is a wonderful example of Christian discipleship. She notices if people are not at church and gently follows-up. She takes time to thank and affirm people. Her suggestions are creative and helpful and her feedback is always thoughtful and respectful. In all she undertakes, she shows warmth, generosity, humour, humility and above all, love.  

Ms Kim Hodge, St George, Fort Langley

Always smiling and leading at St George, Fort Langley for many years, Kim has served Parish Council as Secretary, Rector’s and People’s Warden, and on the Canonical Committee. Her cheerful organizational ability ensured several successful Spring Sales. She has ministered as a Reader, Intercessor, Eucharistic ministries, Altar Guild, Choir and EfM mentor. Kim’s caring spirit, teaching skills, and willing leadership have led to service with the Diocesan School for Parish Development, the Mission and Ministry Development Committee and the Diocesan Consultant Network.  

Mrs Carol Lynne Hurd, St Mark, Ocean Park

Lynne unfailingly gifts our diocese, parishes and the wider community. A Home Care RN, she was active at St Matthew, Abbotsford for 20 years. On her move to Surrey, Lynne was appointed sole nurse to the Musqueam Band. At St Mark, Ocean Park the Hurds host a weekly Bible study. Significantly, Lynne’s indefatigable leadership for seven years as Rector’s and Bishop’s Warden was key to the parish moving through a difficult transition. Lynne was recently appointed Coordinator of Pastoral Care Ministries.  

Mrs Beverly Elizabeth Kreller, Christ Church, Hope

A proud cradle Anglican, Bev has guided Christ Church through a challenging discernment year with grace and poise. She is involved with every aspect of the Church. Bev is the People’s Warden, an active member of the ACW, Altar Guild and the Christ Church National Historic Site Committee.  Through her energies, Bev has ensured Christ Church continues to thrive. Her leadership and communication skills have brought about inclusion and engagement of parish members. Bev’s work continues to build a community of faith.  

Mrs Audrey McAuley, St Dunstan, Aldergrove

Audrey has been a devoted Anglican from an early age, remaining true to her baptismal and confirmation commitment throughout her life. She has been a St Dunstan’s Parish member for 27 years. She has fulfilled every role one can in St Dunstan’s, involved in the ACW, Parish Council, and as a Warden, including providing input and design ideas as part of the Building Committee for the new church built ten years ago. Audrey is a beloved and admired member of the St Dunstan’s congregation.  

Mr Anthony Francisco Picher, St Michael, Surrey

From the mid 1970s, Tony has been very active at St Michael, Surrey. He is always ready to help set up for functions, and to do the clean up afterwards. Tony has been a greeter since 1992. He helps with repairs around the church. Tony has served on the Church Council and been a delegate to Synod. For the past three years he has made soup for 70 to over one hundred homeless people as part of Nightshift in Surrey.   

Ms Elsie Rosemary Preedy, St Oswald, Port Kells

Elsie has a long and varied record of service to the parish of St Oswald, Port Kells.  Her special talents include planning and organizing fundraisers. Elsie is well-known for her ability to turn castoff items into cash for the parish. She played a vital part in raising funds for additions to both the church and the hall. Elsie helps maintain the church cemetery and burial records, both dating back to 1919, and she played an important role in establishing the Memorial Garden.  

Mrs Helen Riel, St Cuthbert, Delta (Died October 15, 2021)

Helen has faithfully “let her light shine” for over 60 years through her service as a teacher and Superintendent of the Sunday School, in the choir, on the Pastoral Care Team and with the Mothers’ Union at St Cuthbert, among others. One can perceive the light that is within as well as the love and genuine concern she shares with everyone, born out of deep, yet practical faith in Christ.  Helen is well-known and well-loved by her parish.  

Mr Donald Charles Rodger, St Thomas, Chilliwack

Don has served in many administrative capacities of the last 20-plus years. He has been People’s Warden at St John, Sardis, St Peter, Rosedale, and St Thomas, Chilliwack, and was involved in the buildings and maintenance in all three parishes. Don is the Chair of the Heritage Committee and the Screening Coordinator at St Thomas. He and his wife Marlene are lay administrators, and they sing in the St Thomas Choir and in the T.H.E singing group.  

Ms Margaret Strocel, St Matthew, Abbotsford

Margaret has served three Anglican parishes for decades. In each she has served significantly as Outreach Co-ordinator, ACW President, and ACW Diocesan Board Member. She is a tireless fundraiser. Margaret is a true community organizer who really gets going when others quit or when a parish is going through a hard time. By refusing the naysayers she has galvanized the women of St Matthew, Abbotsford into an ACW Chapter that is active in community and national outreach programmes.  

Mrs Carol Ann Williams, Church of the Epiphany, Surrey

Forty-five years ago, Carol became a Junior Auxiliary leader, working with young girls for 13 years. She served on Council as a lay delegate to Synod, a Warden, and she served on a Canonical Committee. Carol has been heavily involved in and committed to stewardship for 25 years. She is also a sidesperson, a lay administrator, envelope secretary, on the Building Committee and she co-chaired the successful 2013 Capital Campaign. Carol enjoyed co-ordinating pancake suppers, stewardship meals, strawberry teas and receptions of all kinds.  

Lougheed Archdeaconry The Venerable Karen Urquhart  

Mr John Walpole Binns, St John the Apostle, Port Moody

John is a conscientious, cheerful and dedicated member of St John the Apostle, Port Moody, who has provided insight and leadership relating to the building and grounds for over 15 years.  If the term “go the extra mile” applies to anyone, it applied to John, who, along with his wife Brenda, has been positively involved in the parish supporting every event. John’s wisdom, expertise and hands-on oversight regarding the buildings have been deeply appreciated by all over many years.  

Ms Colleen Mary Butterley, St Stephen the Martyr, Burnaby

Colleen has been a valuable member of St Stephen the Martyr, Burnaby since 1996. She has spent many years on Parish Council as People’s Warden and Member-at-Large, and she is currently Synod Delegate and on the Diocesan Parish Development Grants Team. Her good heart, enthusiasm and tireless volunteerism allowed her to accept nothing less than perfection when it came to co-chairing all of St Stephen’s 100th Anniversary events, including the Downton Abbey Tea and a Wine and Cheese Reception and Art Auction.  

Mrs Phyllis Donalda Foerster, St Timothy, Burnaby

Grandfather George Rix, Bishop of Caledonia, helped set Donnie on track for a life of service.  For 50 years, Donnie has assisted as a lay leader in parishes in Ocean Falls, Campbell River, and Burnaby, encouraging congregations to sing a new song unto the Lord. She raised a strong family, loved her husband deeply, and enfolded many more as kin. Known as the “energizer bunny” at St Timothy, Burnaby, Donnie has a triune love of the Anglican Church, quilting, and the Girl Guides.  

Mr Stanley Clifford Horton, St Catherine of Alexandria, Port Coquitlam (Died October 16, 2018)

Stan has been a valuable member of St Catherine’s since 1960 and he has proved his undeniable loyalty to God and his church. Stan has a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious smile that have helped him “sweet talk” other parishioners into helping him attain the goals of the parish. For 27 years Stan produced the Courier, the parish newsletter, and he organizes the Christmas seniors’ lunch and camping weekends. Stan has been a proud leader in the Air Cadets since 1968.   

Mrs Nancy Konsmo, St Laurence, Coquitlam

Nancy has been a member of St Laurence, Coquitlam since 1964 and she has fulfilled countless roles including as a Sunday School teacher, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Synod Delegate, Warden, and this year, returned to the Church Committee. She continues to be a reader, intercessor and chalice administrator. Nancy coached girls’ softball for 11 years, chaired the 1991 Coquitlam Centennial Committee, and was the Director of Volunteers for the BC Special Olympics Summer Games. Nancy’s kindness and grace have been wonderful gifts to the parish.  

Mr Edward Evans Meredith, Holy Spirit, Whonnock

Ed was born in North Wales in 1926, moved to Canada as a young man and has been a contributing member at four different churches in this Diocese for the last 65 years. The last 24 years has been with Holy Spirit Anglican Church, Whonnock, where he has been the Sextant and on Church Council since 1998. Every Sunday Ed is at the church door, greeting one and all with a smile and the bulletin of the day!  

Mrs Anne Schaffar, St John the Divine, Maple Ridge

Anne became a parishioner in 1998. She cheerfully is involved in various ministries such as sidesperson, greeter, Counter, head of the Altar Guild, server, facilitator for weddings and funerals, Lay Administrator, Sunday coffee, and Synod delegate. Anne regularly visits the care home and assists with Communion services. Anne was on Church Committee, in the choir, taught Church School for a number of years, and was a leader in the Alpha Programmes. She has also served as Rector’s Warden for two years.  

Ms Kathy Stubley, St George, Maple Ridge

Kathy has been involved with the Anglican Church her entire life - she even married her Sunday School teacher, Ron. For Kathy being involved does not mean simply attending on a Sunday.  She takes part in almost all areas of service. Her greatest test came when she was People’s Warden from 2013 to 2014. During those years St George’s underwent an extremely difficult time and Kathy’s strength of spirit and prayer-led ministry helped the church to survive and prosper.  

Mr Robert James Wilson, All Saints, Mission

Jim has served on Church Council as Associate Warden for two years during a time of transition and has been a Synod Delegate for the past three years. With his volunteer work in the community he brings insight and connections to the All Saints Outreach Commiteee. He is a greeter, Lay Administrator, and official bell ringer.  A graduate of EfM, he attends all Bible studies and workshops. As his wife Marci says, “Call it a committee, and he will be there”.  

Vancouver Archdeaconry The Venerable John Stephens  

Mrs Johanna Finlay, St Mary, Kerrisdale

Johanna has been a member of St Mary’s since soon after moving from Scotland. She served as Sunday School and Confirmation coordinator, writing and developing curricula and courses.  Johanna has been President of the Chancel Guild, Warden, Parish Councillor, Delegate to Synod and much more. In the wider community she has been President of Kidsafe providing support to at-risk children. Johanna excels at building connections across generations and fostering ways of people learning together of God’s love in action.  

Dr John Miller Munro, St Philip, Dunbar

Jock is a distinguished academic having held leadership positions at Simon Fraser University including Provost and Vice President, Academic. St Philip’s has benefitted from Jock’s financial expertise since he joined the parish in 1980. For many years, Jock served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. He continues his dedication to the wellbeing of the parish as Sidesman, Envelope Secretary (since 2002) and Counting Team member. Jock serves St Philip’s with diligence, competence and much good humour.  

Ms Wendy Ann Nilsen, St Faith, Vancouver

Wendy, a St Faith’s parishioner since 1980, brings a passion for the Church’s ministry within and beyond its doors. Her media design gifts have helped the Parish present itself to the neighbourhood. As Chair of the Parish Outreach Committee she has personified Archbishop Temple’s statement that the Church exists primarily for its non-members. In all she does, Wendy shares a compassionate and gentle presence that enriches the life of the Parish and all those who enter within its reach.  

Mrs Monica Jill O’Brien, St Helen, West Point Grey

Monica commands deep respect and love from everyone because of her selfless dedication in Christ’s ministry. Faithful, humble, good at math, an organizer, amazing family, fun, positive, appreciative, loves Belgian beer! Monica’s willingness to serve inspires awe. When no treasurer could be found, she piled in and did the job without hesitation for a year while she was also Envelope Secretary and Rector’s Warden and led the Teddy Bear Bazaar for almost the 20th year. Words fail. She’s amazing.  

Mrs Grace Tanaka, Holy Trinity, Vancouver

Since coming to Holy Trinity, Vancouver Grace has established a dedicated and growing group supporting the Tumaini Fund in the Anglican Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania. This bears out Grace’s belief that contributing to a worthwhile cause keeps not only seniors but all members vibrant and brings purpose to the community. A member of the Chancel Guild, she also nurtures a Sunday Evening worship Service at Chalmers Lodge. Busy, happy, and wise, she is an inspiration to all.  

Dr Robyn Woodward, St John, Shaughnessy

Robyn’s family has been part of St John, Shaughnessy since it was built in 1949.  Early on she helped her grandmother with flower arrangements, something Robyn continues today. Returning to Vancouver after her studies, she became active at St Mary, Kerrisdale. When St John’s was returned to the diocese, Robyn also returned, serving as People’s Warden and now as Rector’s Warden. She has made remarkable improvements to the parish website and to the parish gardens, served on a canonical committee, and helped with the transition of the Administration Building to the Synod Offices.  

Westminster Archdeaconry The Venerable Elizabeth Northcott  

Mr Ray Duff, All Saints, South Burnaby

For 63 years, Ray has made significant contributions to All Saints, South Burnaby, working with 12 different priests, starting from the late Canon De Pencier to The Revd Shirley Stockdill. In 1958 Ray watched the new church being built and was confirmed at age 12. Ray brings financial, computer and data base skills to the leadership team and is a choir member. He was involved in the successful 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2012. Ray is currently Treasurer and Head Sacristan.  

Mrs Rosemary June Exworthy, St Alban the Martyr, Burnaby

June is one of the oldest members of St Alban the Martyr, Burnaby, having been a parishioner for 63 years. Since the 2015 fire she has spent countless hours on her artist stool repairing the fine details of the wood that “speaks” to her, taking great pride in ensuring that all the wood is lovingly restored to its former beauty. June is an inspiration and her strength of character, her indomitable spirit and her deep sense of service bring great joy to the parish.  

Mr Neville Roger Kim Sing, St Anne, Steveston

Neville is the “Mr Fix-It” of St Anne, Steveston. Recruited some 15 years ago, Neville has and continues to do so much around the church. He works around the church behind the scenes, quietly, so that everything runs smoothly including painting, carpentry, electrical work, overseeing all maintenance and repairs. He also generously offers his talents to parishioners who need help. Neville’s keen, resourceful, scientific and mathematical mind lends him to be named the “MacGyver” of St Anne’s.  

Mrs Elizabeth Frances MacDonald, All Saints, Ladner For the past 34 years Liz has been a worshipful member of All Saints, Ladner. She has participated fully in many Parish ministries, activities, and functions including PWRDF, the Health Committee, Hospital Visiting Team, Parish Council, Rector’s Warden, youth ministry, Choir and Sunday School. Liz is held in high esteem as a compassionate and very caring person.  Her gracious manner, vibrant personality, commitment to our Lord, and deep pastoral concern reflect her strong personal faith and dedication to All Saints.  

Ms Helen-Louise Nebbeling, St Barnabas, New Westminster

Helen has been a dedicated Anglican since she was baptized at Holy Trinity, White Rock at age 11. At St Barnabas for the past 14 years, she took on the life of an active Anglican, assuming major leadership role in the hospitality ministries, in parish food programmes, with the Thrift Store, and with five years of dedicated service on Church Committee. Helen’s great gift has been in Pastoral Care, and she has brought the love of Christ of many in this role.  

Mr Donald William Neilson, Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster

Don has served as an integral member of Holy Trinity Cathedral since 1977 with a few years off for good behaviour in between to accompany his wife, Deacon Carole, in a pastoral appointment at St Christopher, West Vancouver. Don has served in a variety of roles over the years, including as Rector’s Warden, Synod Delegate, People’s Warden, Breakfast Volunteer, member of Parish Council, and member of the Building Committee. He is known for his quick wit, dedication, and faithfulness.  

Mr Charles Digby Turney, St Mary the Virgin, Sapperton Digby’s great-grandfather was a founder of St. Mary’s in 1865. Baptized, confirmed, and married at St. Mary’s, Digby represents the fourth generation of his family’s active continuous membership in the Parish. From assisting the Rector with Communion at the Penitentiary as a teenager, to more recently compiling a book on the church’s stained-glass windows, Digby’s faithful service has been lifelong. An electrician, he gave by endlessly maintaining church buildings. At age 88, he continues his deep faith and commitment to God.  

Bishop’s Nominees The Very Reverend Peter Elliott  

Dr Starr Leona Allaby

Starr was the lay representative to the Ministry Assessment Process (MAP) for the three New Westminster parishes and a MAP Mentor/Facilitator. She chaired the Ministry and Congregational Development Committee from 2011 to 2014. A participant in every Synod from 2005 to 2014, she was also on the Electoral Synod’s Selection and Nomination Committee.  Active at St Barnabas, Starr was a warden for ten years, engaging many tasks, and hosting meetings and retreats in her home. She is now at Holy Trinity Cathedral.  

Mr Christopher Robert Barr

At St Laurence, Coquitlam, Chris was on the Youth Advisory Committee, and he was the youth representative to Parish Council and Synod. He was on youth and leadership staff at the Sorrento Centre and helped lead youth retreats in the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. Chris has served as Youth Leader at St Laurence, and as Co-Chair and Chair of the Diocesan Youth Movement.  Most recently he has worked on the second annual Diocesan Junior Youth Retreat and the BCYAYM Fall Conference.  

Mrs Johanna (Joan) Cope

Moving to Hope from Vancouver in the 1960s brought Joan to a new church home at Christ Church, Hope. She has served in all aspects of church life and has been very active in the ACW.  For the last 20 years she has been a delegate to Synod and since 2014 she has served on Diocesan Council. While Christ Church, Hope awaits a new priest, Joan and other lay parishioners lead services on two to three Sundays each month.  

Mrs Sylvia-Anne Enga

In the 1980s Sylvia chaired the Stewards in Action Grief Recovery Unit and the Board of Abbeyfield House, Burnaby. She has been deeply involved with Camp Artaban, as a Board member, volunteer Registered Nurse, and Director of various camps, including her favourite, Family Camp. Active with the Diocesan ACW, Sylvia oversees the collection of hundreds of tiny hand-knitted sweaters and toques that are sent around the world. At St Agnes, Sylvia continues to teach Sunday School and work with the refugee family from Syria.  

Mr Simon Johnston

As a member of St Mary, Kerrisdale from 2000 to 2012, Simon was an intercessor, reader, Parish Council member and member of the Synod. After retiring in 2012, he moved to Holy Trinity, White Rock. That same year he was appointed Chair of the Synod Planning Committee for the diocese of New Westminster and he continues in that capacity. He is now also Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2019 General Synod that will convene in Vancouver.  

Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Jonsson

Margaret’s passion is encouraging lay ministry. She was the first woman appointed as a Rector’s Warden in the North Vancouver Deanery. In the 1980s Margaret led the study portion for Anglicans in Mission and was Diocesan Christian Education Coordinator, developing workshops for church secretaries and wardens and a lay ministry certificate programme. Margaret led workshops on stewardship, small church development and adult education. An ACPO Assessor and leader at the Sorrento Centre, Margaret taught congregational development at VST and introduced the DISCIPLE Bible Study Programme.  

Mr Thomas Alexander Roach

A liturgical textile artist, Thomas shares his creativity within the parish, the diocese and beyond.  Thomas has organized many diocesan events, including Synod in 1996 and 1997, conferences, Bishop Melissa’s consecration, and the 2015 ODNW Investiture Service. At Christ Church Cathedral, Thomas served on Parish Council, as Stewardship Chair, a server and an honorary member of the Altar Guild, coordinating festival decorations. A member of General Synod in 1989 and the National Stewardship and Financial Development Committee, Thomas participated in the 1997 International Anglican Youth Network Gathering, and the 2012 Anglican Consultative Council.   

Ms Mary-Virginia Shaw

Ginger’s love of music led her to being music director at St Agnes and St Laurence. She became a member of Christ Church Cathedral in 2004, when she was guest organist, and where she is a member of the Dean’s Council for Liturgy and Music and the Maundy Project. Since her retirement from VST, she has worked on Synod Planning Committees, is secretary to the Cathedral Chapter, serves on the Bishop’s Advisory Committee on the ODNW and volunteers with the Cathedral’s hospitality team for diocesan receptions.  

Mr Alexander Starr

At St Mary, Kerrisdale Alex served on Synod and Parish Council and as Youth Leader. At the diocesan level, he was on Diocesan Council (2006-2008) and a founding member and a chair of the Diocesan Youth Movement (2007-2008 and 2010-2014), helping secure funding for the Diocesan Youth Coordinator. Involved with the Diocesan Arts Ministry, Alex appeared in Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, and Oliver. Alex was on the Provincial Anglican Youth Movement Executive Council, chaired BCYAYM Council, and served on the Council of General Synod.