Ms. Linda Adams – the Parish of St. James', Vancouver

Linda’s involvement in our church has included a wide range of ministries from the Mother’s Union to the establishment of the Coming Home Society.

Mr. Allen Aubert – Christ Church Cathedral

Allen’s ministry as Architect-in-Residence of Christ Church Cathedral can be appreciated by looking around this beautiful building to see the results of the 11 year Cathedral renovation project.

Janet Barclay – the Parish of St. George (Died February 1, 2021)

Maple Ridge Janet has offered her time & talents in many different ways to the parish including the ACW, the Altar Guild, leading Bible Studies, and caring for the Church Gardens.

Mrs. Susan Blows – the Parish of St. Andrew, Langley

Susan has held several leadership positions and her particular focus has always been on caring for others, especially those in need.

Mr. John Burdikin – the Parish of St. Laurence, Coquitlam

John has held various positions in both the parish and the diocese including being a member of Parish Council, a member of the Stewards in Action Committee and being on the parish Outreach Committee.

Mr. George Cadman – the Parish of St. Agnes, North Vancouver

George is the Chancellor of the Diocese and has served in this capacity under two bishops. He has also served as Chancellor to the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon.

Mrs. Sally Clinton – the Parish of St. Philip, Vancouver

Sally has been involved in many aspects of our church’s life from parish committees, service on Diocesan & Provincial Synod Committees to several years of service on the Vancouver School of Theology Board.

Dr. Charlotte L. Davis – Church of the Holy Spirit (Died March 2020)

Charlotte has lived out her faith throughout her life, holding several parish leadership positions and by serving the community through support for prisoners re-integrating into the community and the BC Guide Dog Services for the Blind.

Mrs. Nancy Dexter – the Parish of St. Mark, Ocean Park

Nancy has spent her whole life being active in the church and this service has included being a member of the ACW, the Altar Guild, the Choir, Parish Council and many other parish committees.

Ms. Gerry Dobbin – Christ Church Cathedral (Deceased February 4, 2019)

Gerry is a faithful servant of the parish & the diocese and has maintained a connection with the continent of her birth, Africa, through support of the PWRDF & Anglicans in Mission.

Mr. Laurie Dye – the Parish of St. Catherine, North Vancouver

Laurie is a professional accountant who has given countless volunteer hours to the Church including as Bishop’s Warden in the rebuilding of the new Parish of St. Clare-in-the-Cove. He also serves as Treasurer for the Province of British Columbia and Yukon.

Mrs. Babs Ferguson – the Parish of St. Francis-in-the-Wood

Babs has lived a life of joyful service during her years that has included ministry in many different areas and as an accomplished artist has provided artwork that the parish continues to use to this day.

Mrs. Inez French – the Parish of St. Laurence, Coquitlam (Deceased May 28, 2019)

Inez has been active in the Diocese of New Westminster and her ministries have ranged from teaching Sunday School to being a member of the Stewards in Action Committee.

Ms. Bonnie Fulton – Christ Church Cathedral

Bonnie has served as a Warden at All Saints, Burnaby and as Trustee at Christ Church Cathedral. For several years she organized our Diocesan Synods through her chairing of the Synod Planning Committee and has been a member of Diocesan Council as chair of the Ministry and Congregational Development Committee.

Mrs. Lois Godfrey

Lois’ ministry has been both parish and diocesan in nature as she has served in many different leadership capacities including Parish Warden and Deanery Representative to Diocesan Council

Mr. Patrick Goode (Deceased 2013)

Patrick has served several parishes over many years, especially St. John, Squamish, St. George, Fort Langley & St. Oswald, Port Kells using his particular gifts in financial matters and organization

Mr. Adam Hackett – Holy Trinity Cathedral

Adam’s ministry at Holy Trinity has included serving in many leadership positions from Treasurer to assisting at week-day services.

Mrs. Phoebe Hamilton – St. David’s, Delta

Phoebe’s many years of service have included work at her Parish, on several Diocesan committees, on various Provincial Synod Committees and her local community

Mr. Andrew Hattrick – St. David, Vancouver

Andrew has served in two parishes of the diocese and has been a member of Parish Council for almost all of his adult life. He has also served as a Deanery Representative on Diocesan Council

Mr. Robert Hutchinson – St. Francis-in-the-Wood (Deceased January 11, 2023)

Bob has served as a Warden at St. Francis-in-the-Wood, and is now member of St Clare-in-the-Cove. In his professional role as a construction engineer, Bob has given invaluable advice and guidance to parishes in the Diocese.

Mrs. Diana Hutchinson – St. Francis-in-the Wood

Diana has served in almost every leadership capacity at St. Francis-in-the-Wood and now, serves as Bishop’s Warden at St. Clare-in-the-Cove. Diana and Bob also serve as co-chairs of the Bishop’s Friends Group in the Diocese. (Deceased June 28, 2021)

Mr. Robert Johnston – St. Aidan & St. Bartholomew

Bob has been pillar of the parish in Gibsons including being instrumental in the formation and running of a St. Bartholomew rehabilitation centre for addicts.

Ms. Eleanor Jones – St. Michael, Vancouver

Eleanor has offered her skills and leadership to St. Michael’s in many ways. In particular her ministry with the parish’s Day Care Centre has been instrumental in its continued success

Mrs. Margery Kellett – Christ Church Cathedral

Margery is a member of Christ Church Cathedral and is being honoured today as an elder of the Anglican Church. Her years of faithful prayer, wise counsel, and solid guidance have inspired a succession of Deans and Bishops in this Diocese. As well as serving as Warden and Trustee of the Cathedral, Margery has given great support to the Sorrento Centre – the Conference Centre of the Anglican Church on Shuswap Lake.

Ms. Doreen Hope Kenmuir – St. Mary the Virgin, Sapperton (deceased April 2018)

Doreen is passionate about pastoral visiting, education & Mental Health Care making an average of 200 hospital visits a month. Her commitment to others has led to her being recognized in the larger, local community.

Mrs. Lena Kerr – St. Helen, Vancouver

Lena is a faithful member of St. Helen’s and the diocese. In addition to her many leadership roles, Lena is particularly known for over 50 years of service as a Sunday School teacher at St. Helen’s.

Ms. Gwenith Lamacraft – Holy Cross Japanese Canadian Church (Deceased June 10, 2020)

Gwen’s service and leadership has extended to all levels of our Anglican Church. Through difficult times Gwen has remained a faithful member of Holy Cross, most recently serving as a Bishop’s Warden since 2006.

Mr. John Lamble – St. George, Vancouver

John is a key leader at St. George’s and was instrumental in the process that resulted in the creation of St. George’s Place which combines below-market housing, including for those with disabilities, and a worship space for the parish.

Mr. Gordon Lee – St. Catherine, North Vancouver

Gordon with his wife Linda led the diocesan campaign called Honouring Our Commitment. However, the principal reason for this award is the many gifts Gordon has brought to the Sorrento Centre to place it on a firm planning and financial foundation.

Ms. Rose Leeson – St. Monica, West Vancouver

Rose has served the church with dedication and passion for many years and her ministries has included the Altar Guild, the Parish Council and as an active participant in the Sunday Services.

Mr. Dennis Lou-Hing – St. Margaret, Cedar Cottage

Dennis has held many leadership positions within St. Margaret’s and the diocese. He has been particularly active with Integrity and has provided significant personal support for at least 12 people who have been living with HIV/AIDS

Mr. Douglas MacAdams – St. George, Fort Langley

Douglas currently serves as the Chancellor, to the Metropolitan of the Province of British Columbia and Yukon and has also served as a legal advisor to the General Synod Anglican Church of Canada.

Mrs. Mildred Manley – St. John the Baptist, Sardis

Mildred has attended and been active in several parishes. Most recently her ministry at St. John’s has included being a member of Parish Council, the Altar Guild and the ACW.

Mrs. Phyllis Mittlestead – St. Catherine, North Vancouver

Phyllis is an active member of the community at St. Catherine’s and has served in many different positions over the years. Families, children and First nations People are at the heart of Phyllis’ life and ministry

Mrs. Fay Morelli – St. George, Fort Langley

Fay has been a very active member of St. George’s for her entire life and is particularly known for her skills with music, sewing and cooking that are generously shared whenever needed. She is the epitome of a “servant minister”

Ms. Rayleen Nash – Christ Church Cathedral (Died December 6, 2020)

Rayleen has served as a Warden and Trustee of Christ Church Cathedral, chair of the Synod Planning Committee, member of General Synod, and of the Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments.

Mr. William Nicholson – St. Helen, Surrey (Died June 4, 2018)

Bill is an active member of St. Helen’s and has served in many leadership positions including over ten years of ministry as Treasurer. He has been and continues to be a main-stay of the family of St. Helen’s.

Ms. Jane Osler – Christ Church Cathedral

Jane chairs the Diocesan Communications Unit and more recently co-chaired the Strategic Planning Process that has engaged thousands of Anglicans in the Diocese in choosing the future shape of Anglican ministry in the Lower Mainland.

Mr. Roy Pallent – St. Martin, North Vancouver

From his early days with the RAF in Iraq to being the head of the Guild of Servers & Acolytes in North Vancouver Roy has faithfully served the church of God and God’s people.

Mr. Donald Paul – St. Anne, Steveston

Donald, the Diocesan Registrar, is the longest serving legal officer in the history of New Westminster. Don has steered the Diocese, our clergy and parishes, past many legal hazards.

Mrs. Eva Peart – St. Michael, Surrey

Eva helped to found St. Michael’s Church and was responsible for the starting of the Sunday School, the ACW and the Altar Guild in the parish. She has always believed strongly in the stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure.

Ms. Dorothy Raines – St. Chad, Vancouver

Dorothy is an active member of St. Chad’s and her ministry has included working with the ESL programs in the parish and outreach programs. She has served also on several diocesan committees.

Ms. Linda Robertson – St. Catherine, North Vancouver

Linda, with her husband Gordon, led the Honouring Our Commitment Campaign. Under Linda’s leadership this became an opportunity for first nations people to be heard in our church, and for our church to begin a new relationship with indigenous peoples.

Mrs. Margaret Schreck – All Saints, Burnaby

Marg has been a member of All Saints for most of her life and her ministry has extended to all aspects of parish life, including being a member of the Church Choir, a member of Parish Council, working with Youth and supporting Outreach ministries.

Mrs. Betty Stebbing – Church of the Epiphany

Betty has given church, prayer, bible study, work and stewardship an important place in her daily life especially her passion for Hospital Visiting & Pastoral Care.(Died January 15, 2022)

Mr. James Stewart – St. George, Fort Langley

Jim has been Treasurer of the Diocese through some of the greatest challenges we have faced in recent years. As Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee, he has provided a great deal of help to parishes in this Diocese.

Ms. Joan Sutcliffe – St. Thomas, Chilliwack

Joan’s ministry has been focused mainly on education and youth and there are many who credit her leadership with their continued presence in the church today. (Deceased February 15, 2016)

Ms. Jo Anne Tharalson – St. Paul, Vancouver

Jo Anne has generously shared of herself with the people at St. Paul’s, particularly with supporting the Library, the Labyrinth and the Healing Guild

Mrs. Shirin Theophilus – St. Anselm, Vancouver

Shirin’s ministry at St. Anselm has been extensive and varied. Shirin and her husband were the organizers of the Parishes 50th Anniversary celebrations

Mrs. Carol Tindall – St. Dunstan, Aldergrove

Carol’s ministry at St. Dunstan’s has included teaching Sunday School, being a member of Parish Council, and being in charge of the Capital Campaign Committee that provided funds to pay off the debt on the church building.

Mrs. Linda Tobias – St. Thomas, Vancouver

There is almost no part of life at St. Thomas that Linda has not been involved in over the years with her focus being mainly on the ACW, Healing & Prayer ministries.

Mr. Monte Worthington – St. George, Fort Langley (Deceased July 10, 2018)

Monte is another wise elder and sage guide in our Diocese who has been a support to many, including at least two bishops. Monte has served on many diocesan committees & task forces including Diocesan Council, Provincial Synod and General Synod.