The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is the official international aid and development agency of the Anglican Church of Canada. 

PWRDF has been strongly supported by members of the Diocese of New Westminster. Since PWRDF’s founding, New Westminster Anglicans have given over $7.6 million.  We work through our Diocesan PWRDF Unit Group, and Parish Reps.







The PWRDF national office maintains an excellent website explaining the aims and work of the Fund and providing a wealth of resources.  The Diocesan PWRDF Unit can be through the Diocesan office by phone 604-684-6306 and by email through the contact form below:


Diocesan PWRDF Contact

If you have questions, comments or you would like to support the PWRDF Unit in the Diocese of New Westminster please contact us.

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