Primate's World Relief and Development Fund


National Volunteer Week April 15-21, 2018. Check out the PWRDF Volunteer Thank You Video and the Parish Rep Appreciation email newsletter circulated April 14.

Report from Diocesan PWRDF Unit Chair, Peter Goodwin, underlining priorities for 2017 with links to resources.


The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is the official international aid and development agency of the Anglican Church of Canada. Through the PWRDF, Canadian Anglicans participate in development and emergency relief work worldwide.

PWRDF has been strongly supported by members of the Diocese of New Westminster. Since PWRDF’s founding, New Westminster Anglicans have given over $7.6 million.

Visit the PWRDF website for more information on the work of the Fund.

The Diocesan PWRDF Unit

In the Diocese of New Westminster a Diocesan PWRDF Unit exists to support the Parish Reps and provide a focus for PWRDF activities within the Diocese. This small group, led by Unit Chair Peter Goodwin, provides these services:

  • Maintain periodic contact with the Parish Representatives to determine their needs, provide advice and encouragement, and obtain feedback.
  • Facilitate Parish Representative access to PWRDF resources.
  • Where appropriate, develop resources to meet local needs.
  • Hold Diocese-wide educational events (usually twice a year) for Parish Representatives and other interested persons.
  • Represent the PWRDF at the Diocesan level and the Diocese at the national PWRDF level.

Parish PWRDF Representatives

Anglicans within the Diocese of New Westminster have traditionally been strongly involved in the work of the Fund, either through fund-raising or in events to raise awareness of the Fund’s work. Key to this involvement are the Parish Reps, people within each parish who lead parish PWRDF events, raise funds and keep the goals, achie

For example, at Christ Church Cathedral, an enthusiastic team of PWRDF volunteers is raising money for AIDS relief in Soweto, South Africa, by selling cookies after Sunday services. This has directly raised a substantial sum in support of this project, as well as keeping parishioners aware of the work of PWRDF.vements and needs of the Fund alive in the minds of the people in the pews. These volunteers are the heart and soul of the PWRDF and one of the main reasons for its success.

For More Information

The PWRDF national office maintains an excellent website explaining the aims and work of the Fund and providing a wealth of resources.

Contact details for the national office can be found there. The Diocesan PWRDF Unit can be through the Diocesan office by phone 604-684-6306 and by email through the contact form below

Diocesan PWRDF Contact

If you have questions, comments or you would like to support the PWRDF Unit in the Diocese of New Westminster please contact us.