More Advent Resources: A Selection

In addition to this year's Advent Email Calendar, you can find a few selected resources for further formation which may work for small groups, and/or individuals. It is not an exhaustive list. Due to the pandemic, many new Advent publications may be delayed or only ready for pre-ordering at this time.

If you’d like to see more Advent ideas, you can check out the diocesan Pinterest board here:

Also, if you have another resource that you’re planning to use this Advent, I’d love to hear about it!

Digital devotionals and bundles

  • PWRDF Advent Resource for 2020: PWRDF offers a daily email with videos from PWRDF supporters and how their involvement has changed them. Advent and Christmas 2020.

  • Revised Common Lectionary (Vanderbilt) - Art and Prayers for Advent. This is a beautiful, free compilation of images and prayers for each day in Advent. It could used in online worship, be sent as an email or printed out and given to parishioners. Available on the home page here, scroll down to the "Daily Advent Slideshows" links. Revised Common Lectionary (

  • Those Who Dream. A themed resource for Year B, it includes a printable devotional, a sermon planning guide, liturgies for online/home worship, art, and poetry. This year's guest contributor is Dr. Marcia Y. Riggs, Professor of Christian Ethics at Columbia Univiersity. Available at

  • Illustrated Ministry Advent collections. Illustrated Ministry offers colourable, printable devotional booklets for use by households. They also make worship resources and large colouring banners for churches to use. Advent 2020 will be released in mid-October and the theme is Do Not Be Afraid, but you can choose among past years as they are not tied to the lectionary readings. Illustrated Ministry for Advent

  • The Salt Project's Advent round-up. Another set of downloadable devotional booklets as well as short films to use in church communications. This year's Advent theme is the Naming Jesus and includes simple devotions for households to use during the weeks of Advent. These can be printed and mailed from the parish office. Salt Project Advent 2020

Print devotionals

  • The Art of Advent: A Painting a day from Advent to Epiphany
    Visual art can be so helpful in stirring our imaginations for richer engagement with the seasons. This small volume covers many traditional themes of Advent with thoughtful writing and paintings selected by Jane Williams. Each day comes with questions for reflection which could be discussed as a small group. Note that the print is quite small though; it might be better to buy it on Kindle. Available on

  • Freedom is Coming: From Advent to Epiphany with the Prophet Isaiah
    A daily meditation dwelling on the words from Isaiah, this devotional delves into the experience of exile and the deep questions of justice, God, and purpose that the people of Isaiah’s time experienced. The writer explores the prophet’s response and links these questions and experiences to ourselves and others living in the current world. This devotional takes readers from Advent to Epiphany and has discussion questions for each chapter. Available on

  • All Creation Waits
    This is an older (2016) but well loved daily devotional that different ages can enjoy together. Each day explores how a different common creature of the forest prepares for winter. A woodcut illustration accompanies each reflection. The devotional reminds us of our creatureliness and how we can learn from other animals a way to connect to our world and the Creator. This will need to be ordered early to arrive on time for Advent. Find it on

Small Group

  • The Path.
    Knowing the great narrative arc of Scripture can give us a resilience and a rich treasury of wisdom to draw upon in difficult times like these. Maybe you are ready to dive into a unified exploring of the Bible in an accessible and discussion-based way beginning this Advent. The Path offers a one volume guide through the arc of Scripture with small group discussion questions at the end of each unit. The study can be broken down into chunks over a whole year and could easily be done over Zoom. Forward Movement - The Path

Book Study

  • Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times
    Hot off the press for 2020, this is the latest from the Episcopal Church's presiding bishop, Michael Curry. It's in hardcover, so the price is a bit higher, but it can be read in an online reader for less. Curry is a warm and inviting writer who offers clear and practical wisdom on putting love into action. Available at

  • God and the Pandemic
    The New Testament scholar and theologian, N.T. Wright has written a reflection on the coronavirius pandemic through the lens of scripture and the ways in which the early church responded to crisis: with lament, prayer, caring response, and new hope. A timely book for people wondering where God is in this time and how to faithfully respond. Available from Christian Book and Music.

  • Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ
    Fleming Rutledge is a retired Anglican priest and this book is a collection of her sermons and theological reflections on the cosmological significance of Advent. It’s bracing evangelical and social justice focused writing with a pastoral heart for the everyday lives of North American Anglicans in the pew. More academic than the other selections on this list, but worthwhile with a committed group. Available at


Playlists for the seasons of the Christian calendar are becoming more popular. Especially at a time when many of us can't sing in our church gatherings, listening to the music of Advent at home or at work can be a way to integrate seasonal formation into daily life. Here are a few playlists available on Spotify, a free online musical player:

Waiting with Expectation and Hope - Virgina Theological Seminary
-largely traditional Advent carols sung by different choirs and small ensembles.

Advent with Sacred Ordinary Days
-contemporary, often folky/acoustic covers of Advent carols and hymns

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