Here is Bishop John Stephen's Introduction found on page 2 of the Deacons Handbook

It is my great delight to welcome you to this  Handbook.  Deacons play a vital and important role, bridging between the Church and the world and revealing Jesus’ servant ministry to all people.

Deacons are mostly visible in our liturgies by proclaiming the Gospel, assisting at the Table and dismissing all of us to go back into the world to serve.  They are central to our worship and how we live out the calling of Christ.  While visible in this way,  their own ministries go far beyond what is seen on Sunday morning.  

Deacons are involved with many different ministries, but key to all of these is their commitment to loving God and loving their neighbour as themselves.  They are the ones who recognize the face of Christ in the hungry, the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, the forgotten, the ignored, the rejected, the hated, the unloved.  They are the ones who see that our faith is calling us to deeper compassion for all people.  They live out evangelism with their actions and not simply words.  They encourage all of us to seek greater justice on this planet.  

I hope that as you read over this Handbook, your own discernment will be inspired and enlivened.  I continue to pray that every parish in our diocese will have a deacon serving liturgically and in the world.



You will find below a web sized PDF of the Handbook .

You will also find a February, 2017 update of the Covenant of Ministry in .DOCX and .PDF