This page contains information and forms relating to the process for Parish Development Grants in the Diocese of New Westminster.

The application process for 2020 is currently underway. Parishes who submitted an Intent to Apply form will be informed of the progress of their application and the next steps in due course.

The 2021 process will begin in April 2020. The timeline for the Parish Development Grants will be changing considerably, with Intent to Apply applications due on September 1st 2020 and a shorter full application and interview process taking place over the subsequent two months. More information about these changes will be published on this page in early 2020!


The Purpose of Parish Development Grants

The overall purpose of Parish Development Grants is to assist parishes in the Diocese as they develop, with God’s help, into healthier, more faithful, and more effective communities of faith. We are interested, therefore, in making grants to parishes that have a vision for their own development and want the Diocese’s assistance in moving toward the vision.

In considering an application, parish leaders may find the following definition of parish development helpful:

Parish Development is the development of parishes of all sizes, locations, and conditions into more faithful, healthy, and effective communities of faith that are:

  • Focused on and faithful to their unique reason for being/primary task as parishes; which are local expressions of the Body of Christ that gather people into Christian community, transform people in their baptismal identity & purpose, and send them out to be God’s presence in the world.
  • Connected to and expressive of their unique ecclesial tradition, ethos, and character
  • Self-renewing and responsive to the challenges and opportunities before them
  • Sustainable or working towards greater sustainability in terms of congruence (or “fit”) between the elements of their organizational life: vision for ministry, leadership, culture, size, property, finances, etc
  • Nurture a parish culture that is transparent, honest, open to learning and hopeful[1].

Some examples of the kinds of grants we would like to support are:

  • Grants that seek to increase attendance, Christian formation, and stewardship within a parish via the development of an additional liturgy that will attract new people and/or a different population to the parish
  • Grants that seek to build the capacity of a parish to attract and form children in Christian faith via the initiation of Godly Play or some other program of children’s formation.
  • Development of pilot programs of any size that would be of benefit to the broader Church and are sustainable by the parish over time.

Additional Considerations:

  • The Diocese does not fund capital projects through this Parish Development Grants process.
  • The Diocese does not make grants to parishes that are not current on their assessments and have not worked out an agreement with the Diocese about the payment of their assessment.
  • Grant applications should demonstrate ways in which the project or the effort will, over time, become self-sustaining.
  • $20,000 is the maximum amount which will be granted to a project in a single year.
  • Most grants will be single year, with multi-year grants being be considered on a case-by-case basis and will requiring a yearly application for renewal on the same timeline as new grant requests.
    • The maximum term for any multi-year grant is three years.
    • To demonstrate a path to sustainability, multi-year grant applications must show a substantial decline in the amount of funding requested each year.
  • Grant recipients are required to send a team to our two-year Diocesan School for Parish Development prior to or during the year they receive the grant. (Diocesan bursaries are available to assist parishes to send a team to the School)
  • Grant recipients will be expected to demonstrate a considered program for parish stewardship, or a plan to implement one in the coming year.


Examples of Parish Development Grants

In 2019, the Parish Development Grants team awarded 6 grants to projects around the diocese. These projects included:

Church of the Epiphany to develop a new website, including funding for a video production which will be an integral part of the website’s communication to the local community.

All Saints, Burnaby to develop and then implement a series of concerts and receptions which will build on their recent experiences in beginning to make connections in their neighborhood.

St. Dunstan, Aldergrove to form a centre for Spiritual Practice for people in the Valley, building on ministry the parish has been doing among people from a Christian fundamentalist background who are seeking new and healthy ways of connecting to God through Anglican spirituality

St. Hilda, Sechelt to commission a feasibility study on the redevelopment of their property, with local partners, to serve current and future mission.

St. George, Maple Ridge hire a Worship and Youth Pastor continuing to build the parish’s growth among young families – the parish ran a successful vacation Bible School/summer day camp in 2018 which was funded by a previous Parish Development Grant.

St. Mary, Sapperton for a second year to respond to a rapid period of growth in attendance by developing appropriate children and family ministries in the parish.


Application Process and Timeline for 2020 Grants

By February 1, 2019: Information and forms are available on the Diocesan website

By April 5, 2019: Parishes submit a completed “Intent to Apply” form (no cover letter required) to the Parish Development Grants team: This may be followed by further consultation and clarification with the Director for Mission and Ministry Development and the Parish Development Grants Team.

By May 1, 2019: Parishes are notified whether they will be invited to make a full application. If invited to make a grant request, they will be provided a full “Grant Application” form.

By June 1, 2019: Parishes submit their completed Grant Application via email to

During July and August 2019: The Parish Development Grants Team reviews all the grant applications and creates a draft short-list.

During September and October 2019: The Parish Development Grants Team meet with selected parishes to explore/discuss their applications and projects.

October 2019: A final list of recommended grants is approved by the Administrators of the Anglican Initiatives Fund.

In early November: Granting decisions are completed. The Parish Development Grants Team: (1) notifies parishes of the outcome of their application in early November (2) shares comments with each parish (3) provides information on the process to receive funds and (4) explains expectations for the parish reporting its progress back to the Parish Development Grants Team.

By February 19, 2021: Parishes submit reports to the Director for Mission & Ministry Development on the use of their grant monies and the results of the grant on their parish’s life. These reports will be reviewed by the Parish Development Grants Team.



Questions about the Parish Development Grants process can be directed to the Parish Development Grants team at or to the Rev. Tellison Glover, Director of Mission & Ministry Development at or 604 684 6306 ext. 219.

To download a copy of the Parish Development Grants process information sheet, please click this link.

[1] Definition taken from the manual of the Diocesan School for Parish Development, Diocese of New Westminster.