Each parish completes an annual Parochial Report compiling information such as statistics, contact details for individuals elected or appointed to positions at the Annual Vestry Meeting and a record of the parish's annual compliance with the Screening in Faith policy.

You will find all the report forms attached below in WORD

Current questions about reporting shoud be directed by email to Rachel Taylor.

Here is the 2020 Cover Letter:

January 23, 2020

Dear Clergy, Wardens and Parish Administrators:

Re: Parochial Reports

As soon as possible after your parish completes its Annual Vestry meeting, the attached forms will need to be completed:

Parochial Elections and Appointments for 2020;
(Please note that the minimum age for Youth Delegates to Synod is 15 years and the maximum is 25 years, however, parishes are to make every effort to ensure that there is no nominee who is under 21 before considering those between 21 and 25)
Program Contacts for 2020;
Parochial Statistics for year end 2019
Screening in Faith Compliance Parish Report for year end 2019

It is also required that a copy of your Parish’s Annual Report 2019 (as prepared for your Annual Vestry Meeting) be submitted along with these forms. It is hoped that all these forms can be submitted electronically in 2020, but you are also welcome to print, complete and mail in your submissions. Your completed reports should arrive in the Synod Office by March 15, 2020 at the latest.

Upon completion, send one copy to:

  • Synod Office Attention: Rachel Taylor,
  • your Regional Dean
  • your Regional Archdeacon

Here is a link to the Regional Guides with photos and email address links

 The information contained in the forms will allow the Synod Office to register the delegates from your parish for Diocesan Synod.

 Additionally, the information will be used to update the diocesan database, to report to the General Synod Office, to communicate with the appropriate people in your parish and to produce a new Diocesan Directory. The information from your parochial reports will also be used to send out information on the Wardens and Treasurers Day which is being held on Saturday, April 4th, 2020.

In accordance with the BC Personal Information Protection Act and the Diocese of New Westminster Privacy Policy, please obtain permission from the people whose personal information you are providing.

 The statistics page is the same as was requested in previous years, and includes the gathering of attendance statistics for four particular days throughout the past year (Easter Sunday, Pentecost, the 2nd Sunday of September and Christmas Eve / Day.) These statistics are gathered on behalf of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, and are used to calculate the number of lay and clergy delegates which the diocese will be entitled to send to future General Synods.

Thank you very much for your attention to this necessary task.  We appreciate the time and care you put into it and look forward to receiving the forms by March 15, 2020 to:

rtaylor@vancouver.anglican.ca or by mail:

Rachel Taylor, Diocese of New Westminster,1410 Nanton Avenue,Vancouver, BC, V6H 2E2

 If you have any questions or require assistance then please contact me at 604-684-6306 ext. 220, or by e-mail.


Rachel Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Forms to be returned:

Elections and Appointments for 2020

Program Contacts for 2020

Parochial Statistics for year end 2019

Screening in Faith Compliance Parish Report for year end 2019

plus copy of Parish Annual Report for 2019