Canons, Constitution and Regulations of the Diocese

These are the new Constitution, Canons and Rules of Order, with the incorporated edits made at the 119th Session of Synod and approved by Diocesan Council and the Archbishop on June 12, 2019. 

Constitution, Canons and Rules of Order, June 12th 2019 version

The current document, while not complete in the formatting, indexing and various spelling corrections and punctuation, etc., serves as an interim resource. The existing Regulations continue in effect.

Regulations 1 - 11

Regulations 14 - 25

Regulations P-1 to P-18 & Interim Donor Advised Funds Regulation

The Standing Committee on Constitution and Canons will be convening to complete its task in preparing a draft set of revised Regulations for Diocesan Council's consideration and approval in the autumn.

If you print a copy now please ensure that you discard former versions when the updated version appears.


The new Canons, Constiution and Rules of Order were adopted by the Diocesan Synod which took place on May 24 - 25, 2019. The following video prepared by the Canons and Constitutions Task Group prior to the Synod introduced the proposed changes: