Canons, Constitution and Regulations of the Diocese


Current Constitution, Canons and Regulations of the Diocese of New Westminster (updated July 2018. This document does not include the revisions to canons 2 & 3 which were passed at the October 2018 Synod)


The Canons and Constitutions Task Group is currently preparing a proposed revision for consideration at Dicoesan Synod on May 24 - 25, 2019. This video introduces the work being undertaken by this group:

The following is Version 3.0 of the Proposed Constiution, Canons and Rules of Order. This is the version presented to Synod for consideration and should be the version printed / downloaded by Synod Delegates prior to arriving at the Italian Cultural Centre (printed copies will not be provided).

Proposed Revised Constiution, Canons and Rules of Order document (version 3)

Summary documents were distributed at the four Regional Information Sessions. These can be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this page.

Attendees at these sessions, and members of the diocese, were invited to ask questions and provide feedback on the proposed revisions. The Task Group has collated this feedback and provided their responses to the questions posed. It can also be downloaded below. ("Feedback from Canons Task Group - May 1, 2019.pdf")