A number of Parishes have contacted the Archbishop’s Office asking (a) what provisions are in place for Vestry Meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic; and (b) whether such a meeting may be held electronically. Diocesan Council passed a Resolution (August 24, 2020) to aid Parishes and Diocesan Council to continue to do business with the rationale (a) that it can (in keeping with analogous guidance given to corporations and societies by relevant Provincial authorities); and (b) to direct the Archbishop’s Office, in consultation with one or more of the Diocesan Legal Officers as necessary, to provide guidance to Parishes as necessary in relation to the convening of such meetings.

The Resolution reads as follows:

Moved:  Constitution and Canons CommitteE

1. That the Archbishop’s Office may clarify to Parishes that,

           a. for as long as the state of emergency relating to the Covid-19 pandemic persists, Vestry            Meetingsmay be held electronically; and

          b. During such time, notice requirements under Canon 9.8 remain in effect; and

2. The Archbishop’s Office may, in consultation with Diocesan Legal Officers, provide guidance to Parishes as to best practices and issues to consider, in relation to such meetings.

Here is a link to a PDF of the preceding information

Here is a link to a PDF of the January 6, 2021 one-pager "Considerations Regarding 'Virtual' Vestry Meetings