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We are extremely blessed & very excited to have Cathy Merchant with us for this dynamic opportunity to learn and practice interpersonal conflict resolve. Cathy carries grace and wisdom in challenging situations and is a much sought-after teacher and guide. We are honored to learn from her for these 10 weeks.

Compassionate Listening is a heart-based conflict resolution method that helps people connect with others and work through interpersonal conflict in a soul-opening way. In this series, we will learn and engage with the Five Core Practices of Compassionate Listening alongside core teachings from 10 different faith traditions.

Each week, we will cover a different aspect of Compassionate Listening in conjunction with a different faith tradition. The schedule will be, as follows:

1. Indigenous -> Being with the Self in Presence 2. Judaism -> Working with Triggers 3. Buddhism -> From Drama to the Empowerment Triangle 4. Christianity -> Three-Part Listening 5. Sikhism -> Deepening Inquiry 6. Hinduism -> The Truth Box 7. Neopaganism -> Bridges That Connect 8. Baha'i Faith -> Widening Circles 9. Humanism -> The Science of Compassion 10. Islam -> From Debate to Speaking from the Heart

Cathy is the Interfaith Leader of the Living Interfaith Sanctuary and the Minister of Community Life at Canadian Memorial United Church, both in Vancouver, BC. She is an ordained Interfaith minister and has been teaching Compassionate Listening in North America and in Israel and Palestine since 2009.

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