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Walk the Labyrinth & Pray

Friday’s at Mid Day, facilitated by Rev. David Taylor & Lorie Martin    

Lightly guided scripture reflection, sacred solitude, and a deepening of one’s faith in community: come walk the labyrinth! You are invited to walk the labyrinth before and after our noontime Scripture reflection. Simply come, or bring an intention to meditate on as you walk. The Labyrinth will be open at 11:30am and 12:30pm with Lectio Divina at 12:00pm for half an hour. You may even want to join the Centering Prayer Circle at 11:30am for 20 minutes before the Lectio and walk the labyrinth after the Lectio.

Lectio Divina A slow and meditative reading of a scripture or sacred text. A reading made more with the heart than with the mind with no practical aim but simply to allow oneself to be impregnated with the word of God. We are invited to go beyond a rapid study or quick exercise to arrive at a deeper understanding of the unity of our lived experience of our interior attitude and life’s daily activities allowing ourselves to be questioned, challenged, ad formed through Lectio and all elements and encounters through the day. We listen to God to carry the contemplative practice of the Presence of God into all activities of the day.  

Labyrinth A labyrinth is a tool for prayer whereby a person follows a path in prayerful silence to a centre.  It is a living representation of our life journey from birth to death to new life in God. People use the labyrinth for prayer in several ways. For some it is a simple walk to a centre in silence to help the mind find peace in anxious thoughts.  For others it is an intentional search for resolution to an issue they are facing.  Prayer labyrinths come in many shapes and sizes. They all follow one clearly marked path. Unlike a maze, there are no barriers, false turns or dead ends. They all have a centre or final point to move toward and away from. 


Upcoming Spiritual Renewal Centre Events: 

- Wed Evenings:  6:30pm Centering Prayer and 7pm Spiritual Formation Study Night with Rev. David Taylor

- The Grand Embrace III Retreat/Workshops with Wm Paul Young, Brad Jersak Cathy AJ Hardy and Lorie Martin Oct 24 – 26

NOTE: Spiritual Care Opportunities

- The Rite of Reconciliation – Contact Rev. David Taylor 604-856-5393  

- Healing Prayer – Sunday services @ 10am  

- Listening Prayer Healing Ministry – Prayer Facilitators – Contact Katherine Murray (250) 571-2415 if you are interested in a session. [email protected]  

- Individual or Group Spiritual Direction Circles @ St. Dunstan’s Parish – Contact Lorie Martin (604) 217-6966 if you are interested. New Groups Start Up – Sun Sept 15