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John Dominic Crossan Event is March 22 and 23

Supplemental Event Days on March 20 and 21.

This Salt Spring Symposium is a time for reflection and regeneration.

Dr. Crossan is the founder of the Jesus Seminar and the foremost New Testament Scholar in North America at this time. He will take us through an exploration how the God of the bible has been used to condone or even promote violence. His skill as a writer and lecturer is to make complex ideas and symbols accessible to a lay audience.

While our focus is on the two days with Dr. Crossan, you will see there are two other days designed to give islanders and those visiting Salt Spring Island, a taste of other aspects of our life: how to find peace in the storms through which we all pass and how to create peace and reconciliation with our brothers and sisters from the First Nations who have always cared for these lands.

Dr. Crossan will speak 4 times during the two days with one of those being the keynote address. We will have his books and resources for sale throughout the symposium.
Costs: $99 for everything in the 2 days
Group rates available: 5 or more: $90

There is other pricing for attending events separately and the supplementary day's events please download the attached brochure.

For more information and registration please contact,

 Call Chris at 250-538-2419