Summary of Position: 

For this role, we are looking for a high degree of enthusiasm, flexibility, humour, and a sense of fun. You bring initiative and motivational/organizational skills for involving youth in planning fun and appropriate individual and group activities. We provide a supportive environment and team of experienced individuals to help you grow and succeed.

This position reports to the rector (the senior priest-in-charge) and wardens (elected officers tasked with the business of operating the church), as well as a diverse group of parish volunteers.

This part-time position is ideally suited to someone who is confident in themselves, has some experience working with youth in a church setting, and who is actively involved in their own spiritual growth and formation and enjoys being an integral part of a vibrant church community.

Goals of the Youth Leader Position:
  • Build strong, respectful relationships with the youth.
  • Help them to deepen their Christian faith and understanding.
  • Build community online and in person.Develop communication channels with parents of the youth, other youth leaders in the diocese, and our parish community.  
Responsibilities and Tasks:
  • Affirm the significance and diversity of youth, and foster an environment of care and acceptance for all youth as being known and loved by God.
  • Lead regular youth group meetings by planning, scheduling, and leading formation activities for youth and participate in Confirmation process.
  • Co-ordinate social events on a regular basis outside of the regular youth group meetings and engage with Diocesan Youth activities and maintain membership in the Diocesan Youth Movement (DYM).
  • Look for ways to involve the group in various intergenerational parish community events.
  • Create an annual plan of events for the upcoming year with the assistance of the wardens, rector, and youth parents understanding the need for flexibility.
  • Explore possible future opportunities for overnight events, a pilgrimage or trip for religious education or spiritual enhancement for youth, through obtaining buy in from the parish council first, planning logistics, travel and finances with support from parents and members of parish council.
  • Stay current with all diocesan role expectations including ‘Safe Church’ and ‘Dismantling Racism’ training.
Communication and Relationship Building

Establish strong working relationships with all youth, other members of the parish community, and the Diocesan Youth Movement.Maintain the existing relationship with the youth and leadership from Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster.Provide monthly updates of activities and youth attendance to the rector and parish council. Attend monthly parish council meetings as requested so that as a team we can better support you.Encourage feedback from parents of the youth on a regular basis.Encourage event attendance by all St Alban’s youth and their non-Church friends if invited.Provide pastoral care to youth when the need arises.

 Required Skills, Experience and Qualifications
  • Previous experience or education in youth ministry or related field either professionally or as a volunteer.
  • Familiarity with the Anglican Church; and delivery of similar theological perspectives including its identity, structures, inclusivity and diversity.
  • Skilled at social media and electronic communication including Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, texting, etc.
  • Self-motivated and can identify opportunities for self-improvement.
  • Sensitivity and openness to a variety of theological viewpoints.
  • Relationally minded with skills that work well in team environment and one-on-one.Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to keep records including weekly timesheets and manage a small youth ministry budget.
Nice-to-Have Extras

Previous experience with event planning.Post secondary education in child and youth education, theology or related fields.

Terms of Employment
  • This is a flexible part-time position averaging 15 hours per week.
  • Term is 1 year with 3 month & 6 month reviews.
  • Work week may be varied according to planned activities and meetings.
  • Willing to provide Criminal Records Check with Vulnerable Sector.
How to Apply: 


Explain in your cover letter why working part time hours are suitable for you. Please include any samples (with explanation) of your work with youth (eg: link to website, blog, Facebook and/or marketing materials), your availability and the names of three references. 


St. Alban the Martyr

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Church Office: (604) 522-4363