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The Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of New Westminster will celebrate the beginning of the Church Year with an ACW Retreat to Explore and Experience Christian Celtic Spirituality November 25, 3pm to November 27 (Advent I) 1pm, 2022.

What is it about Christian Celtic Spirituality that continues to rise from the ancient paths to lead us in the earthy embodied ways of living our authentic faith?  Perhaps it began with songs sung while washing the baby, when planting seeds, or with prayers said when bowing at the moon at night.


In this course we will learn and engage the deep wells of Christian Celtic Spirituality to refresh us and be oriented in the essential goodness of all of Creation. We will be recalled to the holy work of listening to the heartbeat of God in quiet, through community, in the sacred utterances of creation, and through spiritual practices. Time will be spent exploring Celtic themes through circle gatherings, Celtic chants, Morning Prayer overlooking the lake, and hands-on art and nature stations. Together we will build a Celtic Cross in nature connecting with the elements and praying for the Earth.


“Let us become aware of God’s Presence within and all around.”

J P Newell

 Location: Malcom Knapp Research Forest, 14500 Silver Valley Road
Maple Ridge, BC
Fees Accomodations:
ACW Celtic Retreat - Double Occupancy - 2 single beds - $445.
ACW Celtic Retreat - Single Occupancy - single bed - $525.
Maximum attendance: 30 participants (includes 5 meals)