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On Monday, April 19, Director for Mission and Ministry of the diocese of New Westminster, the Reverend Tellison Glover reluctantly announced that the School will be suspended for 2021.

The School principals realized a few weeks ago that a limited attendance onsite version tentatively scheduled for the fourth week of July would not take place as the increased level of infections, the continuing domination of the pandemic and the prolonging of the Provincial Health Officer’s orders on gathering made it impossible to book a venue for the six days of the “Summer Intensive” program.

An online version of the School was being developed and the plan was to launch that in June, however the ability to gather even in small groups to put together the curriculum and to provide the students with the best possible experience was proving difficult so the decision was made to suspend the School for 2021.

The Diocesan School for Parish Development, a satellite of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia’s College for Congregational Development founded by then-Canon and now-Archbishop Melissa Skelton began life in our diocese as the Diocesan School for Leadership in 2012, and is now present in a number of diocese’s across North America.

For more information and updates about the Diocesan School for Parish Development moving forward please refer to the pages on the diocesan website.


  • Archbishop Skelton instructing a class during the 2018 "Summer Intensive" at UBC
  • The ubiquitous flipchart papers taped to walls and windows.