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Are you ...

        √ Confused about direction?
        √ Seeking God’s help to life-questions?
        √ Desiring tools to strengthen relation in God?
        √ Exploring connection to God/Divine essence?


Spiritual companioning/direction is a deepening of one’s journey and relationship with the Divine. It offers you a safe, confidential, welcoming, & supportive space to deeply explore “God”-type of questions & awareness in your unique life journey.  

The St. Paul’s Julian of Norwich Ministry in Spiritual Companioning… is newly offered by and in support of St. Paul’s Anglican Church West End, in partnership with Reflective Presence.

Julian of Norwich, our patron saint for this ministry, was a 14th century Christian mystic whose writings and spiritual direction offered many a deep, wise, and helpful path for those seeking God

Tom Esakin is your Interfaith Spiritual Director, formally-trained through Jubilee Associates Ontario ( and a member of Spiritual Directors International ( (Jubilee Associates was founded by former St. Paul’s Priest, Fr. Don Grayston.)

This St. Paul’s ministry is offered either in-person or via Skype. Each 50 minute session is held monthly over one year and is available for $40 per session, with 15% of session revenue returned to St. Paul’s as a tithe. 

As an introductory offer - to find out if spiritual companioning is for you. There is one Free, 15-minute, introductory sessions  being held on Sunday 22nd November 2015. (Sign-up sheet is at the back of the church.) or you can call 604.685.6832 ext 10.