Many parishes receive revenue through donations and/or rental income from individual users and other groups. In order to protect the parishes of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster our diocesan insurers, HUB International Insurance Brokers, recommend that Parishes ensure that they have been added as an additional insured to the individual’s or group users’ liability policy.

For users and groups who don't have their own liability insurance, HUB International have been successful in putting together a Group User Program through All Sports Insurance Marketing Ltd. to provide outside Parish users with an inexpensive option.

The forms below contain all the information and resources needed for parishes to administer the Group User Program.

Information on the Individual and Group Users Liability Insurance Program (updated 2022)

Exemptions and examples for Liability Insurance

Application form for the Liability Insurance Program

Reporting form for the Liability Insurance Program

When remitting the reporting form to the diocese, please keep the original for your own records. Only a copy is required to be submitted.