COVID-19 has inspired parishes to reconfigure their worship and programming services in order to stay connected, inviting as many people as possible to worship together while ensuring the health and safety of all involved.

To enhance the digital presence of our parishes, we are delighted to announce that Diocesan Council has approved a technology grant for our parishes in the amount of $132,000. The technology grant will be used to reimburse each parish up to $2,000 for expenses incurred from January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021 related to hardware, software, and technology support for livestreaming worship services.

To avail the $2,000 technology grant, please send your reimbursement request alongside with scanned copies of your eligible expense receipts to the Diocesan office no later than May 31, 2021, at or via email to Prashanthi Yadavalli.


Livestreaming Equipment

For basic livestreaming to social media platforms, Randy Murray, Diocesan Communications Officer, has recommended the following package: MEVO START camera, a stand, an iPad, and a Vimeo Pro subscription. Although the purchase of the MEVO START allows for immediate access to one social media platform (Facebook, YouTube), the subscription allows the user to input text, captions, images and to post to a range social media platforms. Randy also recommends visiting this post on the diocesan website which has additional links and information about MEVO.

The MEVO START is available on and on Mevo website. The basic software is a free app (with camera purchase) that the user downloads to mobile devices, cellular phones, iPads and tablets. MEVO also works well as part of a multi-camera livestream (OBS) and integrates easily into the Zoom Meeting platform.


Other Related Diocesan Grants

The diocese has also earmarked a total of $100,000 in parish development grants for year 2021. The grant can be used to aid parishes that need financial support to improve the audio and lighting in sanctuary space, to replace or upgrade parish websites, and to fund other equipment to help improve the worship experience for both live and streamed services (e.g., microphones, projectors, screens). Of the $100,000 total parish development grants for 2021, around $53,500 has been granted so far to 15 parishes.

The recent Parish Development Grant (PDG) cycle for 2021 has concluded however, your parish is invited to apply through the Anglican Initiatives Fund (AIF) if you are looking to upgrade your worship equipment. The application form is available here and can also be downloaded at the Technology Grants page on the diocesan website.


Audio Visual Equipment

Diocesan Communications recommends that parishes looking for professional Audio Visual installations and service should contact Brad Gabel, of PJS Systems. Brad and his team have been informed that they may be contacted by parishes of the diocese for site visit estimates and more.

In order to facilitate diocesan communications’ and PJS’s ability to respond to service, maintenance and new purchases requests, a “Your Parish A/V Inventory Survey” will be distributed to priests-in-charge, wardens, treasurers and parish offices by mid-November. Please fill out the survey as accurately as possible (we understand that this may be difficult as the age and repair of installed hardware may factor in) and return it as soon as possible to diocesan communications. More direction will be available on the survey form.


More Exciting News

To better assist our parishes with the upgrade of their internet connection and computing technology equipment, the Diocese of New Westminster has partnerships with Shaw Business, and with two of the leading computing technology companies, Dell and Lenovo.
Community Lifetime Partnership Discount with Shaw Business
Shaw Business is offering us a lifetime community partnership discount which gives our parishes the opportunity to get savings of up to 20% discount on new or existing Shaw products with a minimum spend of $100 based on a 3 or 5-year agreement. 
Shaw offers SmartWiFi to provide a WiFi connection in the sanctuary therefore, increasing bandwidth and the stability of the livestream signal. For more information about the Smart WiFi, please see attached. To avail the discount and/or to determine your eligibility, please contact our dedicated community partner, Nina Pangilinan at 604-558-5922 or via email at


Member Purchase Program with Lenovo and Dell

We are pleased to advise that our member purchase program with Lenovo and Dell extends to all clergy, lay staff, and parishioners.
Dell offers up to 10% discount on PC’s, electronics and accessories that can be availed through our dedicated website at Anglican Church Dell Member Discounts.

Lenovo offers up to 45% discount when a purchase is made at Lenovo Member Discounts website or by calling 1-888-315-7408 ext 2277.


TechSoup Canada

TechSoup Canada provides substantial discounts on many technology products such as Microsoft Office, accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks), contact relationship management and fundraising tools, google non-profit, upgraded YouTube, among others.

For more details of discounted products, please check TechSoup Catalogue. Registration is needed at TechSoup in order to avail discounted products. A proof of your CRA charity status or a copy of your certificate of incorporation has to be emailed to to support your registration.


While the way we worship has changed during this unprecedented time, the heartbeat of our mission remains the same – Growing communities of faith in Jesus Christ to serve God’s mission in the world. 

We thank you for standing firm and for not losing sight of the new opportunities we have to share the message of Christ in a new format – the digital worship service.


To send a secure message to the Diocese of New Westminster, please click on the e-courier logo.