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You can find a diverse range of resources for adults at different stages of formation, seasonal resources, and sacramental preparation on the diocesan pinterest page. Pinterest is a digital "cork board" with curated ideas and inspiration. It's free to get an account and if you follow the diocesan page, you will get updates on the latest resources.

Education for Ministry

A four year program for lay people to gain a thorough grounding in scripture, church history, ethics and theological reflection. Participants commit to one year at a time and meet in small groups with a trained mentor. The Canadian website for EfM includes information about the program, cost, online options, and curriculum:

There are four EfM groups meeting within the Diocese, and an online group. 

For more information: The Reverend Paula Porter Leggett is the Diocesan Coordinator for Education for Ministry.

There is a more detailed page on the diocesan website under related groups available here.

The Pilgrim Course

An 8 part course for newcomers and those wishing to deepen their faith. Developed by the Church of England, each session in the course follows a similar format: worship, scripture study, reflection, a film, and discussion. The 8 courses are designed for small groups and focus on core aspects of the Christian faith: Baptism, Lord’s prayer, Creeds, Eucharist, Commandments, Beatitudes, Bible, Church and Kingdom. Each course is 6 weeks long and comes with a booklet (~12.00 ea. order in Canada at and films that are available on Youtube: Read more here:


An online resource for courses in bible study, seasonal studies, prayer and worship, life issues (e.g. finances, conflict). It includes several courses for all ages and families. Courses are a mix of free and paid. Instructors are from mainline denominations (Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist) and describe their approach to topics as moderate. Individuals or groups can register for courses.