The LEGACY PLANNER has been one of our most popular publications! Now it is posted here so that you can download the pages from the publication (9-22) and prepare them at home. (Don't worry that these pages begin their numbering at 1 - they are the same pages as in the publication.

LEGACY PLANNER was created to help Anglicans make choices about ulitmate stewardship and end of life decision. It is important as we age to spend time in reflection about what matters to us. All of our loved ones will appreciate knowing what you wished for once you have died.

Bishop Melissa wrote in her introduction to the published version of LEGACY PLANNER. that it "...provides a way for anyone to take responsibility for the details about the end of one's own life when it is possible to do so. Within this, decisions need to be made about the distribution of all assets and possessions based on those people and organizations (including the church) that you love, about who will make health and financial decisions should you become incapacitated, and about any funeral arrangements."

Embrace LEGACY PLANNER in the way it is intended to help; spend the time to fill in the information pages downloadable below; and be sure to leave a copy in a place where your family can easily locate it. One last thing, please lodge a copy with your priest or Rector at your parish.

Blessing to you all as you consider your ultimate stewardship decisions.