Our special association began in 1993 with a missionary family in Taiwan, David and Ruth Ullstrom and their children.  David is from Prince George and Ruth is the daughter of the Reverend Peter Niblock, a retired minister in our Diocese.    Our friendship has grown through their regular prayer updates, our exchange of letters, and their visits to St. Chad’s during their home stays.  We have prayed for them, the many challenges they face in their work, as well as in two young Taiwanese boys they adopted in the past few years.     Throughout the years we have also supported the Ullstroms financially.  David’s work involves some travelling, training new OMF workers, and leading retreats.  Ruth is a primary teacher at Morrison Academy

自從一九九三年起,恩澤堂就開始參與對在臺灣山區宣教的歐文忠家庭的支持。大衛歐文忠(David Ullstrom) 是來自卑斯省的喬治太子市(Prince George)。而他的太太路德(Ruth)則是本教區已退休的Peter Niblock牧師的女兒。   透過我們在禱告裡的支持,不斷的通信,並他們每次回加拿大時給我們的探訪,我們跟歐文忠家庭的友誼在過去十多年來不斷地增長。他們在臺灣的宣教事工,領養的臺灣原住民男孩的挑戰,往往都亟代我們的代禱支持。   這些年來我們也不斷地給他們經濟上的支持,大衛的工作包括要不時四出公幹,訓練新的OMF宣教士,並領退修會等。路德則任教於馬禮遜小學。