2019 Advent Calendar

A Companion

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Each day will include a selected image, hymn, or poem that evokes the actions of Advent: waiting, longing, anticipating, expecting, and preparing. The art is a means for awakening our imaginations to renew our journey through Advent once more.

Advent is usually the season to once again celebrate the coming birth of Jesus. Yet the scriptures and hymns also point us to the central event we are expecting in Advent: the future coming of Jesus Christ.

This is the time of fulfillment, the time of the kingdom in all its wholeness, the time of final judgement which brings justice and mercy to all.

This is the event we await in Advent.

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About the contributors:  

Archbishop Melissa Skelton will offer the meditations for each Sunday in Advent. Each meditation will include a question for reflection that you can mull over for the day. Over fifteen different spiritual directors from throughout the diocese will offer the weekday reflections. Spiritual directors are lay and ordained people who have trained and are skilled in the ministry of listening, especially listening for the movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people they companion. Spiritual direction has a long and rich tradition in the Anglican church.


Advent 2019 Daily Reflections

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