Do you have Formation Consternation?

If so, you’re not alone!  Offering engaging Christian formation activities in our parishes allows people to deepen and explore their faith - a critical tool in building stronger disciples and flourishing congregations. But finding and offering just the right resources for spiritual growth isn’t easy at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic and limits on group gatherings, and the task becomes even harder.

How can one choose between the vast number of programs, study guides and other resources? How do we know what our congregation really needs or wants? How do we think beyond the typical Bible study sessions to attract a wider range of participants? 

The diocese’s Subcommittee on Christian Formation aims to help parish leaders answer some of these questions with a new video resource that takes a parish group through a facilitated discussion on how to identify and prioritize potential formation activities. In the video, you’ll listen in on a tongue-in-cheek “typical” committee meeting, one in which the attendees thrash out some of these issues and manage to come up with some solutions despite the challenges. Along the way, your own parish group will be invited to pause the video and discuss a series of questions that will help it identify Christian formation activities that may be just the right fit for their church year ahead.

You might recognize some familiar diocesan faces in the video - and you’ll certainly recognize some of the characters played, from the "token youth" to the "green but keen" priest to "Low-Budget Laura!" This user-friendly resource comes with all the tools you need to host a productive and enjoyable discussion about Christian education and growth in your parish.


The video is available here:

Click here for the user handout

The worksheet referenced in the video is here as a Word doc and in pdf