Since 2010, the Diocese of New Westminster has implemented a Screening in Faith policy amongst all parishes and ministries. The Policy requires that those serving in medium or high-risk positions in their parish must complete Safe Church training at the beginning of their ministry and every five years thereafter.   As of October 2019, the current Safe Church training is provided online through the Armatus “Learn to Protect” system.

A username and password is required to access the system. Registration of lay volunteers and parish employees will be coordinated by your parish. Clergy, Postulants and Diocesan Employees will be registered directly by the Diocesan Office. The URL for your records is:

Resources for the Armatus Safe Church training for individuals

Guide to Armatus for Users

Resources for the Armatus Safe Church training for parishes

Guide to Armatus for Parish Leaders

Armatus Bulk Upload Spreadsheet for parishes

List of User Positions for the Diocese of New Westminster (to be used alongside the Bulk Upload Spreadsheet)


Lauren Pinkney, Screening in Faith Facilitator at the Diocesan Office