New Online Parochial Reports 

Please Read Carefully   


Dear Clergy, Wardens and Parish Administrators

Re: Parochial Reports  

As soon as possible following your parish’s Annual Vestry meeting, reports must be completed and submitted. This year, Synod Office Staff are implementing a new method of data collection for Parochial reports on a one-year trial.  The hope is that this will make it easier for parishes to input and submit information in a timely manner. The forms have been combined into three sections:  

  1. 'Parochial Report',
  2. 'Statistics Report'
  3. 'Screening Compliance Report'.  

A printout of these forms can also be found here: Parochial Report, Statistics Report and Screening Compliance (and at the bottom of this page). Please note this for the purposes of assisting in the completion, the online forms must still be submitted. Each of these forms contains familiar data that parishes are required to provide annually. Later in this tutorial document you will find lists of the information needed before beginning each form. Not all sections may be applicable to your parish.  The forms have been created with expandable space for information from the largest of parishes. Once you’ve completed a section click ‘next’ to move to the next page that is applicable to you. For pages with the small red asterisk * these are required and you will need to enter information into these sections. If there is nothing that applies, fill these sections in with n/a or ‘not applicable’.    Once the form is completed, you will have the opportunity to review or 'edit' your answers before clicking submit. When you have 'edited' your answers, you will not be able to edit them again if you exit the page. At any time you may complete another form and submit it again if needed.  This resubmission can be done as often as necessary, please let know which form is correct.

To proceed to the Tutorial page Click Here

Parochial Report: Information Needed

You Have the following information in order to complete this form. If you do not have an official person in a role, enter a ‘go-to person’ to contact for things in this area. Only input information about those from whom you have consent:  

Parish General Contact Information

  • Priest-in-Charge (Rector/Vicar)
  • Assistant Clergy 
  • Parish Secretary or Administrator
  • Parish Screening in Faith Coordinator
  • Any Other Additional Staff person(s)
  • Church Wardens (2 required, space for 4, you may skip sections not applicable by clicking 'next'.)

Finance Contact Information

  • Treasurer
  • Accounting Contact (If Applicable)
  • Payroll Authorization Contact (May be a Church Warden or Trustee)
  • Envelope Secretary Trustees (space for up to 6, you may skip sections not applicable by clicking 'next'.)  

Synod Delegate Contact Information

  • Synod Delegates to Synod (2 required, up to 6 sections, you may skip sections not applicable by clicking 'next').
  • Alternate Delegates to Synod (1 required, up to 6 sections, you may skip sections not applicable by clicking 'next').
  • Youth Delegates to Synod (2 sections).
  • Alternate Youth Delegate to Synod

Program Leader Contact Information

  • Music Director/Organist
  • Children/Sunday School Leader
  • Youth Ministry Contact
  • Young Adult Contact
  • Eco-Justice Contact
  • Ecumenical/Multi-Faith Ministry Contact 
  • Newsletter/Communications Contact
  • PAD or Planned Giving Contact
  • PWRDF Contact
  • Refugee Ministry Contact
  • Companion Diocese contact
  • Stewardship Contact
  • Space for more contacts if needed  

If all the above information has been compiled and is on hand please proceed, click below and complete the 2020 Parochial Report.

Statistics Report:

  • Service Attendance (On Certain days including Christmas, Easter & Pentecost)
  • Identifiable and Regular Givers
  • Total Sunday & Weekday average attendance
  • Youth & Children’s Ministry Statistics
  • Baptism & Confirmation Statistics
  • Adult Christian Formation & Bible Study
  • Number in Attendance at Vestry

If all the above information has been compiled and is on hand please proceed, click below and complete the 2020 Statistics Report.

Screening Compliance:

Please compile the following information in order to complete this form

Screening Compliance Information

  • General Parish Information
  • An approximation of the numbers (percentage) of staff and volunteers who have been through the Screening in Faith Process
  • The contact details of the Screening In Faith contact person (Please note this may be the Priest-in-Charge, or a designated person to monitor the Online Safe Church Training Uploads and Certificates)
  • The Authority to agree to upload the policies of the Diocese of New Westminster in relation to Screening-in-Faith:
    • If the Priest-in-Charge is not completing this section, then ensure that they have read and understood the following statement, and know the percentage and names of those staff and volunteers who have not yet gone through the Screening Process, or who’s certificates have expired:
      • Agreement of Church Wardens and Priest-in-Charge: In ticking the box below you agree to follow the Diocese of New Westminster Sexual Misconduct Policy and agree to keep all those in positions of Leadership in accordance with the policy to the best of your ability. This is also a commitment that those who have not been through the process of screening will begin the process in a timely manner with support from Synod Office staff.  

If all the above information has been compiled and is on hand please proceed, click below and complete the 2020 Screening Compliance Report!

These forms are to be completed online by March 15, 2020 at the latest.   

Upon completion, copies will be sent to the Regional Dean and Regional Archdeacon. The information contained in the forms will allow the Synod Office to register delegates from the parish for Diocesan Synod.  Additionally, the information will be used to:

  • Update the diocesan database
  • Report to the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • Communicate with the appropriate people in the parish
  • Produce a current Diocesan Directory.    

In accordance with the BC Personal Information Protection Act and the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster’s Privacy Policy, you must obtain permission from those whose personal information you are providing.  For questions please consult Marché Riley, the Diocesan Privacy Officer at:   

Thank you very much for your attention to this necessary task.   If you have any questions on completing the form please contact


Lauren Odile Pinkney

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist & Screening in Faith Facilitator 604-684-6306 (Ex: 210)

For More Help & Assistance with Parochial Reports Please Email Reception via the form below!

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