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This page contains forms and information related to payroll and benefits for eligable clergy and lay employees in the Diocese of New Westminster. If you have questions about payroll and benefits, please get in touch with Michèle van Teunenbroek (604 684 6306 ext. 226)

Employee Portal Instructions

As an employee of the Diocese, you can now access your payroll information online effective immediately!  Paper pay statements will no longer be mailed out after the January 2020 pay period. This helps fulfill our commitment to be good stewards of God's resources by reducing the use of paper and postage fees!
The new DONW Employee Portal through PGi will allow you to:
  • View and download your Pay Statement
  • View and download T4 starting year 2020
  • View Direct Deposit Information
  • View/Edit your Profile
  • View Year-to-Date Totals
  • View your Saved Reports
We hope that our new online payroll system will not only make it easier and safer for you to receive your monthly payroll statement, but it will make it more efficient for you to retrieve or update your Payroll Information.

*Please note any changes on your PGi profile does not represent changes to Diocesan Records*

If you are having any issues with retirveing your Employee number or other Payroll related issues, you may contact Michele van Teunenbroek, our payroll administrator, at 604-684-6306 ext 226 or send her an email.

Accessing your online payroll account

To access your online payroll account:
  •   Go to the DONW Employee Portal (be sure to save this website as a bookmark on your browser, but if you forget you can always find it on the Diocesan Website under payroll as DONW Employee Portal
  •   User ID: DONWxxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your employee ID)
    • Example: If your employee ID is 123456, then your User ID will be DONW123456 (If your employee ID is less than 6 digits, please use zero's in front of your ID)  
    • Your Employee ID Number can be found as shown above, at the top right of your pay statement (only valid from January 2020).
  •   Temporary Password: 4 digits birth year and your 2 letter initials (not case sensitive)
    • Example: If your birth year is 1988 and name is John William Doe, then your temporary password will be: 1988JD  
 You will be prompted to set a permanent password when you first log in. Please keep a copy of your password and Employee ID number.

How to download your Pay Statements:

Here is a step by step guide about how to access both your year to date pay statement and how to download a detailed monthly pay statement as well.  
Step 1: Go to the PGi Home page (to save time, you can bookmark this website for next time) and type in your log in credentials.
Step 2: Your PGi home page will have a menu to the left of the page and on the right of this page you will be able to view your profile. Please note, although your personal information is visible here, if your information changes you need to notify the Diocese via email.
Step 3: When you click on "My Pay Statements" in the menu to left of the page. You will be taken to a new page, which will show this year and previous years. Please note only 2020 is currently available from January 2020.  
Step 4: You have the option on this same page to download you year to date totals. When you click "Save as PDF" at the top of this page showing the Months so far of this year, you will receive an automated email which will be sent to the email address you provided, which will have a PDF and a spreadsheet containing your year to date totals attached.
Step 5: For a detailed version of your pay statement, click on the month of your preference. You will be taken to that month's pay statement with some details viewable online. There you can click "Save as PDF" and an automated email will be sent the email your provided with the pay statement for the month you selected.    
Step 6: Now go to your email provider and check your inbox. There should be an email from Payroll Guardian with your Pay Statement added as an PDF attachment. Don't forget to check your junk folder just in case, as some automated emails get redirected. When you are ready, simply Click download, and your pay statement is ready!


Forgot your password?

No problem.  You can reset your password via email.

  •   Go to the DONW Employee Portal
  •   Click "Forgot my password"
  •   Enter your User ID
  •   Click "Reset Password"
For your detailed guidance, please refer to Guide to Online Pay Statements.
Should you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you:
Michele van Teunenbroek, Payroll Administrator
Email Michele van Teunenbroek or call 604-684-6306 ext 226
Shailene Caparas, Interim CFO
Email Shailene Caparas or call 604-684-6306 ext 214
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! We will keep you posted when we have more information to share!

Please save the below link to your bookmarks or favopruites on your web browser for ease of access next time: DONW Employee Portal


Clergy Compensation schedule and worksheet

Clergy Compensation schedule and worksheet (this document is to be used for all clergy. Scale will be reviewed and revised each year in October).  You can download it below.

Other useful links

Up to date forms for the reimbursement of medical expenses from Manulife Financial can be found on the Anglican Church of Canada Pension Office website.