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Human Resources

This section of the website assists parishes in implementing good Human Resources practices, including both for paid staff and for the management of volunteers.

Good Human Resources practices are vital for helping us to carry out our mission and ministry. A major component of this is our Screening in Faith policy, a screening process for all staff and volunteers. You can find information about implementing the Screening in Faith policy in this section. You can also find information on the diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy and its associated workshop.

We are grateful to the Diocese of Toronto who gave permission to adapt from their screening process and materials.

If you have questions about the Screening in Faith and Sexual Misconduct Policies and Safe Church training, please get in touch with Lauren Pinkney.

Questions on payroll and benefits can be answered by Michèle van Teuenbroek.

If you are looking for the JOBS pages, please click the link.