As part of implementing the Screening in Faith policy, each role in a parish (whether volunteer or employed) requires a position description outlining the responsibilities of the position, the qualifications or requirements needed to fulfill it and to whom the position reports or is accountable to. The position description will assist in the screening of volunteers or potential employees, to ensure that there is a good match of person to role and of mutual expectations.

To assist parishes, the Diocese has collected a number of sample position descriptions from parishes for volunteers and employees which can be downloaded and edited. This collection is not intended to be a prescriptive model for all positions. Reviewing the samples might stimulate ideas for content and language for your own parish context.


Building Manager

Church Committee Member-at-Large

Church Committee Secretary

Cleaner / Janitor / Sexton

Envelope Secretary

Lay Administrator

Music Director (large parish)

Music Director (medium parish)

Music Director (smallish parish)

Parish Administrator (large parish)

Parish Administrator (medium parish)

Screening in Faith Coordinator

Sunday School Coordinator

Synod Delegate



Volunteer Coordinator


Warden - People's

Warden - Rector's

Youth and Children's Ministry Coordinator

Youth Ministry Director