A Coadjutor Bishop is elected to be the successor of the Diocesan Bishop.  The term 'coadjutor' means that there is a period of time when both Bishops are active in the Diocese.  When the Diocesan Bishop retires or resigns, the Coadjutor immediately becomes the Diocesan Bishop.

Canon 3 of the Diocese of New Westminster defines the duties and privileges of the Coadjutor.

  • The Coadjutor shall perform such Diocesan duties and exercise such episcopal authority in the Dicoese as assigned by the Diocesan Bishop.
  • The Coadjutor shall have a seat in Synod and the same right of voting as any other voting licensed Clergy.
  • In the absence of the Diocesan Bishop the Coadjutor shall preside at Synod.
  • The Coadjutor shall be a member of Diocesan Council.