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Interested in a thousand-year old spiritual practice? Would you believe it has been included in every variation of our Anglican prayer book from 1549 to our own Canadian BAS? It's called “The Daily Office.” Sounds daunting but that's to keep it one of our best-kept secrets. So, this is your invitation to get in on the secret. Learn how it got started (getting up at 1.00 a.m. not required). Learn why an Archbishop of Canterbury was executed for doing it (burning at stakes definitely not required). See how it opens up your own depths and reveals God's depths. Discover how all those weird stories in the Old Testament start to make sense. Experience how to meet Jesus in the Daily Office. Daily. Believe you can learn all that in four (five optional) one-hour webinars held once a week with a great group of other people learning the same thing? (Computer optional, you can do it on your phone). Believe it!

Some people say the Daily Office changed their lives. So what have you got to lose? Four hours. Don't like it? You've narrowed down your search for a spiritual practice. Like it? It might change your life, your experience of God, and deepen your enthusiasm about the faith and the Anglican version of our faith. What can you expect to learn?

Session 1: How the Office got to be the way it is, why it's called that, and how using the same prayers each day can be a deep, not a boring, experience, and how to adjust the Office to your needs. And what to do when you don't want to do it. (Hint: love yourself.)
Session 2: Getting deep into the introductory verses and the Venite (Psalm 95).
Session 3: How to get a lot out of reading the daily selections of psalms and two Bible passages.
Session 4: How to pray the concluding prayers and your own intercessions so you're really involved with what you're praying for.
Session 5: (optional as needed): More background to the daily readings and follow-up discussion of the experience of doing the Office.

Format: Each webinar is one hour long, and includes both instruction and discussion. Participants may choose to receive a daily email containing links to the readings and background explanatory material, as well as a user-friendly version of the Daily Office.

Times: Sept. 9 - Oct.7, 2021, Thursdays between 12-1pm

Instructor: Rev. Harold Munn is your coach for this immersion in the Daily Office. Harold was born in Victoria, taught sciences and English in East Africa for three years, was ordained in the Yukon where he served for seven years, was in Edmonton for nearly twenty years the last eleven as Dean of All Saints' Cathedral, and was thirteen years as rector of St. John the Divine in the gritty downtown area of Victoria. Harold was the Anglican mentor for ordination-track students for three years at VST, and has served as interim in a number of parishes in New Westminster. He earned his doctorate from a United Church college studying faith and the modern world with a focus on science and secular society. He is active in climate collapse issues, visits inmates in federal prisons, and he and his wife have two sons, one a fire fighter in Edmonton and one a priest at Covenant House Vancouver. They have four grandchildren and are prepared to challenge any grandparents to a grand-kid photographic duel to determine the most delightful.