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I am writing to invite members of the Diocese of New Westminster and beyond to send a note in support of this urgent matter of raising the profile concerning violence in the Philippines.

The request is straightforward. Below you will see a letter from Beth Dollaga, the link to the KAIROS page where you can find the simple instructions on how to send your support is in the letter. The issues raised here have been supported by our Primate and Kairos.

Our diocese is the Companion diocese of Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines (EDNP).

This letter writing campaign will conclude September 1, 2021. Please let others know.

ATTN: Eco-Justice Unit, Anglican Diocese of New Westminster 

Dear Margaret and friends,

You may have already received this action.  But I am sending it again, with a special appeal to take action now.

We are trying to get at least 1000 letters sent to local MPs, calling on the Canadian government to hold the Philippines government to account for human rights violations.  This action was launched in response to the second report of Investigate PH, an international investigation into human rights violations in the Philippines that is being endorsed by KAIROS,  member churches and several other Canadian civil society organizations.  The action ends on Sept 1, in anticipation of the third report and the UN Human Rights Committee meeting.

Please help reach 1000 letters by taking this action (it takes less than a minute) and then asking at least 5 friends to do the same.  You can do this by forwarding this email or sending the following link.

Thank you for taking action for human rights in the Philippines.

Towards just peace,

~ Beth Dollaga\

for ICHRP Canada/BC