Interfaith Ecology Work in the Salish Sea Biome

Interfaith Ecology Work in the Salish Sea Biome

The Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance (SSSEA) is hosting an evening discussion entitled: "Doing Interfaith Ecology Work in the Salish Sea Biome." 

As you may know, the SSSEA is an emerging group of scholars, activists, artists and citizens of the Salish Sea Biome devoted to bringing spirituality and ecology together in ways that forge sustainable, meaningful and reciprocal relationships between humanity and the earth. 

To that end, this year will see the convening of the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The SSSEA will be sending a delegation to discuss the importance of ecology and place in our conversations about faith, spirituality and unity. Our Pre-Parliament discussion will take place on June 24 at 6:00 pm on the lawn just north west of the small lakes at Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver. All faiths, denominations, and spiritual orientations are welcome to participate. 

Feel free to breach bring chairs and a representative of the Eco-Justice Unit of the Diocese of New Westminster will be present! For further inquiry, please be in touch with The Rev. Margaret Marquardt


  • Discussion of the mission of SSSEA, our vision, and our upcoming Convergence.
  • Explain the purpose of the upcoming Parliament of World Religions in the context of Interfaith Ecology work. 
  • Open the discussion on the importance of interfaith dialogue for doing ecological justice and restoration work in the Salish Sea biome.

The folks at the Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance (SSSEA)

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