Life Review at Sorrento Centre

Life Review at Sorrento Centre

Life review is a process of reflecting, writing, and telling your personal life history to others in a small group in order to expand awareness and understanding of the life lived. By understanding where we have come from, what we have done, and how we have been shaped by life events, we can better imagine and plan our future. It is a thematic approach to bringing one’s understanding of the past into the present. It is not counselling, although the process will be guided and facilitated by trained counsellors and educators.  

Participants are asked to: reflect and write on each theme; bring their writing to the group; tell their “life story” by theme; witness others’ life stories; and provide and receive feedback to/from others in their small group.  

Facilitators: Elizabeth Banister, Lin Langley, Dianne Westwood  

Please see for registration criteria and further details.

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