Looking Outward - Finding New Paths

Looking Outward - Finding New Paths

 Exploring Future Visions for the Parish of St. Laurence

In March the Parish will be exploring future visions for the Parish on two more Sundays following the 10:30 service: March 15th and 29th.

Sandwiches will be provided and a donation basket will be available to help with expenses.

 BulletMarch 15: This week will have a panel that will include a number of community representatives: a city councillor, someone from SHARE, and the Rev. Margaret Marquardt, the chair of the Diocesan Eco-Justice Unit. There will be time for questions and discussion.

 BulletMarch 29: On this 3rd event Ruth Monette will again be with us as we begin to explore possible future directions the Spirit might be calling St. Laurence towards. Ruth will also preach that morning. 

  All this will be a part of helping Canonical Committee and ourselves get a sense of different directions that might be calling us forward.


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