Pet Blessing at St. Timothy

St. Timothy’s Church holds its thirteenth annual Pet Blessing Service on Sunday October 4, at 7pm. This simple, short service, which commemorates the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, gathers people and their pets from all over the neighbourhood to give thanks for God’s creation and especially for their animal partners.

The Rev. Stephanie Shepard, priest at St. Timothy’s, said, “Animal companions remind us that we are not separate from the rest of creation. When we pray for and with God’s creatures, we strengthen our commitment to live sustainably and thankfully on this planet.”

We ask that all animals be suitably leashed or caged please. Those who have shy pets are invited to bring a photograph instead. Individual prayers of blessing will be included in the service, along with some well-known hymns. There will also be a board of remembrance on which to write the names of recently deceased pets.

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