St. Hildegard's Sanctuary

St. Hildegard's Sanctuary

St. Hildegard's Sanctuary is an arts-based, contemplative worship service.  Stations will be set up around the worship space which have creative/kinaesthetic elements.  

There may be stations where we paint, write, play with sand or water, light candles - and always there will be time and space for quiet and reflection.  We will seek the Creator for healing, rest, and sustenance. 

We will share bread and wine and remember Jesus: God with us. Then go forth sustained by the Spirit to share God’s love however we are called to do so.     

Services will be held twice a month, Sunday evenings at 6pm on April 10th, April 24th, May 8th, May 22nd, June 5th, and June 19th 2016 at Faith's.  Services will resume every week in the fall of 2016  

Facilitated by The Rev. Melanie Calabrigo. 

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