ACW Pie Sale in Sechelt - Huge Success

St. Hilda’s Annual ACW Thanksgiving Pie Sale Successful! - Any Way you slice it.

After months of preparation the bakers of St. Hilda’s (about 20 women and men) produced 190 pies for sale at the annual event held this year on Saturday, October 7. (Many more than previous years).
They were all sold within 2 hours, the fastest time ever.
A record $2600 was collected.
The ACW will be able to disburse the funds to a variety of worthy initiatives both locally and overseas.
Locally, monies will go towards Christmas Hampers, the Food Bank, Salvation Army, Hospice and to the Rector’s discretionary fund.
Internationally, the ACW will gift to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, PWRDF, and to Ndandini village in Kenya where St. Hilda’s has an ongoing presence helping with secondary school scholarships.
Not only were the ACW happy with the sale they were happy to hear that they bake some of the best pies on the Coast.

Written and submitted by Amelia Foster

Photos by David Moul