Clergy News Around the Diocese - May 2017


There are four applicants who have just been to the Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination (ACPO) and who have now been made postulants to the priesthood by Bishop Skelton. They include: Hyok Kim, Vivian Seegers, Sharon Smith, and Marion Wong.

Our Diocese currently has two postulants for the vocational diaconate (Ron Berezan, Jeffrey Preiss) and three postulants for the priesthood (Maryann Amor, Holly Anonby, Cameron Gutjahr).  Additionally, there are three ordinands currently in deacon's orders (transitional) who, on the recommendation of the Examining Chaplains to the Bishop, may be ordained to the priesthood on June 24th at the Cathedral. They are the Reverends Ross Bliss, Mark Munn and Lucy Price. Please keep these twelve persons in your prayers as they continue in their discernment and formation.


The Bishop has appointed the Rev Donna Kirkpatrick as part-time chaplain to VGH effective immediately. Donna succeeds the Rev Liz Hamel and the interim chaplain Ms Liz Macdonald. The chaplaincy is supported by a consortium of parishes (St Faith, St Mary, Kerrisdale, St Philip, St John, Shaughnessy and the Diocese).


  • Collars
  • The Reverend Lucy Price PHOTO: Bayne Stanley
  • Holly Anonby PHOTO: Wayne Chose
  • The Reverend Ross Bliss PHOTO: Randy Murray
  • The Reverend Donna Kirkpatrick PHOTO: Randy Murray