I am writing in the wake of "Survivor: Artaban" held March 27-29. This was the most ambitious and, arguably, most successful Diocesan youth event since I began youth ministry work in 2001. Over 80 youth and youth... Read More

Will election lift El Salvador out of poverty?

The Rev. Kevin Dixon talks to local media (bottom left) after the prison visit Theologians and sociologists talk about how we are living in... Read More

Opinion: Closing Parishes

Our founders came almost exclusively from the British Isles, and opened parishes in the same pattern as in the old country: a small parish one could walk to in every village or neighbourhood. They had no idea of the... Read More

Diocesan camp seeks volunteers

Camp Artaban has been running since 1923 making 2009 its 86th summer. The camp is always looking for new volunteers to come up for a week in the summer and lend their talents to an amazing ministry. To become... Read More

Counting the homeless

Readers of articles in TOPIC about those who are homeless, and parishes that see an increase in the number of homeless folk attending community meals may wonder how it is that provincial statistics on the homeless... Read More

Archdeacon attends UN International Women's Day in New York

Archdeacon Ellen Clark-King (centre) with other Anglican women who met at the United Nations in New York City to celebrate International Women’s... Read More

Can you identify this package?

While looking for something else (isn't this always the way it goes?) I came across an acid-free box, duct taped closed, and tied with a pretty red ribbon. Although I do love arts and crafts, I don't typically tie... Read More

Planning our part in God's Mission

Dean Peter Elliott "Where there is no vision, the people perish." That's in Proverbs (29:18 KJV), and it's very, very true. Without a vision... Read More

Strategic Plan 2018 sent to diocese for comment

Anglicans throughout the diocese have been asked by Diocesan Council to read and to comment on a strategic plan for the diocese’s next decade before it goes to Synod on May 22 and 23. The strategic plan was called... Read More

Bishop's Easter Message

The turmoil in the world's financial system has now touched every family on the face of the Earth. In China, rural workers are being laid off by the millions without any social safety net. In the Lower Mainland,... Read More