People - Around the Diocese

Bishop Michael Ingham examines the Rev. Emilie Smith (Jubilee Cluster) during her ordination as a priest priest. Kneeling were Marie Brown (St. Augustine), David Koe (St. Stephen, Burnaby) and Alisdair Smith... Read More

St. Anselm’s organist retires after long service

Ben Moyls, volunteer organist at St. Anselm's for half a century (Photo by John Tompkins of V6T Community News) Nearly 70 summers have past since Ben Moyls first volunteered to play the organ at services in a... Read More

Age 65 to stay as clergy retirement age

Reversing its earlier stand, Diocesan Council has decided to keep 65 as the normal retirement age for clergy in the diocese. In November, 2002, council had voted to raise the normal age of retirement to 70, and... Read More

Primate thanks Diocese for efforts in the Honouring Our Commitment campaign.

Aboriginal elders at the installation of Primate Andrew Hutchison who presented a robe were Willard Martine (left) of Greenville, BC, and the Rev. Arthur Anderson of the Diocese of Qu’Appelle (Anglican Journal... Read More

Taiwanese youth visit after year's delay

One of many activities for visiting youth from the Diocese of Taiwan was panning for gold at Ft. Langley On Monday July 12, a delegation of 9 young people and 2 chaperons from the Diocese of Taiwan safely... Read More

Feast for 400 honours retiring St. James rector

Denise Hambidge, Archbishop Douglas Hambidge, David Retter, and Phyllis McMillan of Greenville, B.C., at Father Retter's retirement feast honouring 27 years of service to St. James. On their patronal festival,... Read More

Christians should emphasize what they agree on

MUCH OF Christendom, including factions within the Anglican Church, may be split along liberal-conservative lines, but it doesn't have to be, contends a leading American theologian. Speaking to a packed church at... Read More

The love of Christ constraineth us' - A century of women's service

The Year 1885 saw the beginnings of an organization of women whose aim was to support the mission and ministry of the Anglican Church in Canada. This was known as the Women's Auxiliary to the Domestic and Foreign... Read More

The WA/ACW History in Verse

In eighteen hundred and eighty-five, The ACW began to thrive. It's name in those days was WA. Most everyone wished that name to stay. In cities and towns the church groups were there Working together in... Read More

Opinion: Real need exists for more youth ministry

It's a cliché to say that the youth of the diocese are our future - lots of people have said it. However, it's often been difficult to see where that statement has been backed up with deeds. While several parishes... Read More