Taizé was amazing for 2007's pilgrims

A Taize brother chats with the New Westminster pilgrims Our pilgrimage to Taizé was a truly amazing experience. On July 19 the 2007 Taizé pilgrims all met at the airport to begin their journey. Once on the... Read More

Refugees, sanctuary and Canada's immigration rules

Dr. John Conway served as chair of the diocesan Refugee Unit for seven years and has only recently retired from that position The recent case of Laiber Singh, a Sikh refugee claimant, who has taken sanctuary in... Read More

'Plan 2018' wants input from the back pews

People in the pews at the back -not just the leaders at the front of the church-are being asked to get involved in the initial stage of a process to create a broad-ranging strategic plan for the Diocese of New... Read More


Ana Greenaway-Robbins is fed by her brother Simeon-both rectory children at St. James’, Vancouver, a parish that in the past has usually been led by bachelor priests. (Ruth Greenaway-Robbins photo) The rectory... Read More

Look at local ministries begins

MAP recommendations go to Bishop Michael Ingham Bishop Michael Ingham has named a large parish and a smaller one-St. Mary's, Kerrisdale, and St. David of Wales in East Vancouver-as the first to participate... Read More

Letter writing campaign continues to advocate for low-income housing

  Margarget Marquardt, chair of the Justice and Peace Unit The diocesan Justice and Peace Unit reports that 150 people have sent letters to the Prime Minister and other federal leaders urging creation of low... Read More

St. Clare's labyrinth gets lots of attention

  Many parishioners and people from the nearby community have been using the labyrinth recently painted on the surface of the parking lot at St. Clare-in-the-Cove, North Vancouver. So far the labyrinth project... Read More

What are we planning for?

Local parishes and diocesan leaders are about to embark on a whole lot of planning this fall. There's the Ministry Assessment Process (the so called 'MAP') going on in two parishes and four regions, and work has... Read More

New way to pay clergy coming before Diocesan Council

A diocesan task force chaired by Ian Robertson of St. David's, Delta, has been working on a new clergy compensation model that would combine stipend, housing allowances, and housing expenses into a single salary... Read More

First Nations Spirituality: Earth as a living being

The Rev. Dr. Martin Brokenleg of the Vancouver School of Theology is a member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe of South Dakota. We experience God as we live with this earth. Environmentalists speak of the use of the... Read More