First Notions #9 - Imposed upon us?

I have heard a few times - not often – that some people feel that Indigenous issues are imposed upon our citizens, and what does the unceded territory of Indigenous Nations have to do with the churches anyway?  We Indigenous Peoples tend to get discouraged and disheartened by road blocks that are put in front of... Read More


First Notions #8 - National Indigenous People's Day

National Indigenous People's Day and the Anglican Church of Canada's National Indigenous Day of Prayer is June 21, 2018. “When I fought to protect my land and my home, I was called a savage. When I neither understood nor welcomed his way of life, I was called lazy. When I tried to rule my people, I was stripped of... Read More


First Notions #7 - Going into someone else's house

It is always interesting when one visits someone’s home for the first time. The same can be said for going into a place you don’t usually go into, such as the Aboriginal Friendship Centre at Commercial and Hastings. This did happen to the Vancouver Police Department when they had sensitivity training at the... Read More


First Notions #6 - How We Get Lost in "Helping"

When I think about how much people want to help us as Indigenous People, I wonder sometimes if every gesture is actually necessary? This is not a slight on genuine support, or the willingness of people wanting to help by moving towards undoing some of the wrongs done to Indigenous people. During a discussion with... Read More


First Notions #5 - Conversation with My Brother

Identity loss became a little clearer this past Easter Sunday when my brother and his wife dropped in from up north for dinner.  Our daughter and son were there as well, and we had a lot of laughter and fun as we always do whenever we get together.  However, an unexpected lesson in our history was passed on to our... Read More


First Notions #4 - Our Language – Our Identity

There are many Indigenous peoples living in British Columbia. It is home to 203 First Nations communities and a diversity of Indigenous languages; approximately 60% of the First Nations languages of Canada are spoken in B.C.  The early predictions were that many of the Indigenous languages will disappear in ten... Read More


First Notions #3 - Status "Roulette"

"The great aim of our legislation has been to do away with the tribal system and assimilate the Indian people in all respects with the other inhabitants of the Dominion as speedily as they are fit to change.” - John A Macdonald, 1887 Well where do I go from here with what defines an Aboriginal, Métis or Inuit... Read More


First Notions #2 - Status Indians

How do you refer to an Indigenous person? You are all wondering what to call us and what is the correct word to use - First Nation, Métis , Inuit, Status Indian, non-Status Indian, Treaty Indian, and there are many more names to describe us. Yes, I get confused as well, because I grew up as Indian in the fifties... Read More


International Women's Day and May Gutteridge

After seeing many influential women being recognized on May 8, 2018, particularly in British Columbia, I couldn’t help think that May Gutteridge’s name was missing. Former Premier Mike Harcourt reflected in 2011 that: “May was a formidable woman – not the kind of woman you would say no to and, why would you?”... Read More


First Notions #1 - Introductions

As of this writing in late February/early March, I have been at the Diocese of New Westminster for about three weeks as the interim Indigenous Justice Coordinator and I have been looking at what has been accomplished by individual churches throughout the Diocese. It is incredible and sincere. A lot of effort has... Read More