Men and their dreams

The Rev. Alisdair Smith If a man says something in a forest, and there is no one there to hear him, is he still wrong?   You may have seen... Read More

Just Generation

A group of youth and youth leaders from across the diocese gathered at Holy Trinity Cathedral to run in circles, stick labels on all the building's electrical items and to eat pizza-and all in aid of global justice.... Read More

Kamloops Conference fantastic

Heading for the annual BC Anglican Youth Movement meeting in Kamloops Over the Thanksgiving weekend, fifteen youth and youth leaders from... Read More

More than we can ask or imagine...

A great deal of planning is going on in the Diocese of New Westminster. It's part of the Plan 2018 process - mapping out what the next decade or so holds for the diocese - and it's likely to bring change to... Read More

St. Augustine's celebrates 100 years in Marpole district, Vancouver

A small but beautiful brown church on Hudson Street in Vancouver had a very big 100th Birthday Celebration this year.   Plans for the celebration started months earlier. Committees formed, plans were made and... Read More

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund is an Anglican success story, and particularly in th

It should be noted that members of this Diocese are generous, especially to good causes like the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. Last year, contributions to PWRDF from the Diocese of New Westminster... Read More

Supreme Sacrifice

“No war, no matter how just, is less than evil,” Hemingway wrote, but within that there can be heroic and sacrificial moments.   One thinks back to the third rector of Christ Church, Vancouver, (now Christ Church... Read More

Harold McSherry 1919 – 2008

The Rev. Harold McSherry, 1919-2008 The Rev. Harold McSherry, former missionary to Japan and later rector at St. Alban's, Richmond, and St.... Read More

Jesus Sister Nancy

Melanie Wallace When I was five years old-and for a few years thereafter-I thought that Jesus had a sister named Nancy.   Every Sunday in... Read More


We hear very often those in the leadership in the church say that they are in full agreement on the idea of the authority of scripture, and they say that certain behaviors don't violate "core" or credal doctrine.  ... Read More