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A letter from the Rector on Giving Tuesday 2022

Dear Parish Community and Friends,

If your email inbox is anything like mine today, you have received many emails asking you to give to support charities and non-profits. There are so many worthy causes it can sometimes be hard to choose which ones to support. For those who are Christians this can take some prayer and thought. We are asked to give to support our church, but we would also like to support organizations working with the homeless, or youth and children, or seniors, or the vulnerable, and that’s just here on our doorstep. We look out to a world that is in need, and with eyes and hearts of compassion feel drawn to give to overseas mission and humanitarian work a well.

We teach as the church that we should give from our first fruits, a tithe or tenth of what we receive. Some people do this and others are working towards that. So on this Giving Tuesday I want to say thank you. Thank you to all those of you who support our church and its ministry. Week in, week out, it is the gifts of time, of service, and of money that keeps our church running. I am grateful to all who give and serve for your partnership in our ministry in this community.

Here are a few ways you could give support to your parish that would cost no money and just a few minutes of time:

  • Leave a 5-star review on Facebook, Google, Yelp or Podcasts
  • Offer to serve as a one-off or regularly on your parish ministry teams
  • Switch your regular credit card giving to bank debit so we don’t have to pay the card fee and your gift goes 3% further
  • Like or share a post on our Facebook or Instagram pages
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our videos when you watch them (Login with your Google account to do this)
  • (And that goes for diocesan communications vehicles as well not just parishes...Editor)

I am guessing that by the time you read this you will have already made your Giving Tuesday donations, and as I said I also realize that there are so many worthy causes to support. All I would ask is that next time you are planning on making a charitable gift you would consider giving either to our general fund or towards our aim of paying off the church mortgage by the end of next year. I’ve put the latest graphic below which shows that we are making great progress.

Once again, thank you for your giving of time and money to your parish which also supports the mission and ministry of the diocese and national church.